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Indiana Bankruptcy Blog


FINANCIAL EDUCATION: Get Dynamic! Get Serious!

Sometimes you have to get dynamic to achieve anything worthwhile in life. You have to be serious about achieving your ...
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Income Up Expenses Down

Income Up! Expenses Down!

Financial Education Course #3 One fundamental concept to financial success is simple: increase income and decrease expenses. Although this concept ...
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Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster explains the importance of changing your financial worldview.

How to Change your Financial Worldview

Financial Education Course #2 Changing your financial worldview is a much larger task than what you may first anticipate. It ...
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Free Financial Classes

Financial Class After Bankruptcy

Financial Overhaul? Why would I need that? - Course #1 Living with a bad financial history is a pattern. The ...
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What happens to my second mortgage if I file bankruptcy?

Second Mortgage & Bankruptcy

What Happens to My Second Mortgage If I File for Bankruptcy? A second mortgage can be a huge burden to ...
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When is the right time to file bankruptcy?

Right Time to File Bankruptcy?

When Is the Right Time to File Bankruptcy? Timing can mean everything in life. Bankruptcy is no exception. When is ...
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Tax Refund and Paying Family Members Back

Should I Use My Tax Refund to Pay My Family Member Back? If you are considering bankruptcy, you may not ...
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What happens to the debts of someone who has passed away?

Debts of the Deceased

What Happens to Someone’s Debts When They Pass Away? When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult for ...
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Debt to income ratio and bankruptcy

Debt To Income Ratio

Does My Debt to Income Ratio Qualify Me for Bankruptcy? To file bankruptcy, you must be “insolvent,” a term that ...
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Secured Credit Cards

Secured Credit Card

Can I Build My Credit With A Secured Credit Card? Many times our clients inquire about secured credit cards.  If ...
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