The Dangers of “Cheap” Bankruptcy – Indianapolis

April 9, 2015


What to Know about “Cheap” Bankruptcy in Indianapolis

Let’s discuss the dangers of “cheap” bankruptcy – Indianapolis.  You may have heard of impossibly good “deals” to file for bankruptcy.  These deals truly are “impossible” because you are usually not getting very much – at least for how much you pay.  You are only paying somebody in those situations (usually) to do the bankruptcy yourself.   If you are looking for an Indianapolis bankruptcy cheap, you may need to analyze first what it is you are actually paying for.

A very affordable, legitimate bankruptcy attorney usually charges about $700-$1300 and requires the $338 court cost (on the lowest end).  There could be very limited “community pro-bono” sort of options for low income people that could charge very slightly less.  These are usually very difficult to access because you must be below the poverty line and apply for help at a legal clinic.  Also, the amount of resources at these places are usually limited: there are too many people trying to get an Indianapolis bankruptcy cheap for the “pro-bono” resources available.

If you see an ad that says they are charging $99, $159, or even $499 for bankruptcy, be careful!  You may only be paying for a “bankruptcy preparation service” or worse you may only paying to get access to the bankruptcy forms (which are already free on the court’s website!).  In either of these services, you are essentially just paying somebody so that you can do the bankruptcy yourself.  They cannot help you do very much: they are not allowed to file the forms for you or give you any form of legal advice.  This is a “cheap” Indiana bankruptcy option, but you are not really getting very much for the price you pay.

These peddlers of “ultra-cheap” bankruptcy make light of how complex bankruptcy filings can be.  They act as if they are experts in bankruptcy, saying thing such as “you do not need to pay a bankruptcy attorney anything because all they do is fill out your forms.”  These statements cannot be farther from the truth.  A bankruptcy attorney does spend a considerable amount of time filing forms and dealing with the court and bankruptcy trustee.  However, the bankruptcy attorney’s knowledge and experience is what will make your bankruptcy a smooth, easy, and safe process.  Without a bankruptcy attorney, you could lose your house, cars, or even a great deal of money.  Making a knowledgeable bankruptcy plan is essential: it is more essential than getting your Indiana bankruptcy cheap.

Therefore, you may need to be careful about having unrealistic expectations when trying to find a bankruptcy “cheap.”  Most people want a knowledgeable guide to take them through the bankruptcy process safely.  You can rest assured at our office that we can serve as such a guide: you can call us and we will affordably (not cheaply – joke) guide you through the bankruptcy process.

-Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster on the Dangers of “Cheap” Bankruptcy

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