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July 29, 2015

Making Your Bankruptcy Consultation “Count”

Free Bankruptcy Consultation – If you make your bankruptcy consultation “count” for the most possible, drastic improvements to your financial life could quickly follow. It is important when you prepare for a bankruptcy consultation to keep a few things in mind.

Documentation of Your Finances Must Be Brought to the Consultation

It is important to bring proper documentation of your finances to the consultation for bankruptcy. Bring information such as your recent paycheck stubs, any lawsuits and aggressive collection letters, and your most recent tax return. You should also be ready to supply additional documentation after the bankruptcy consultation. Most bankruptcy attorneys will also require to take a copy of your driver’s license end Social Security card for verification purposes.

Disclose Everything to Your Attorney

It is extremely important for you to be completely honest. You must disclose everything to your bankruptcy attorney. Also, be prepared to fill out paperwork before the consultation that helps disclose all this information. By giving the attorney full and complete disclosure, he can see an accurate picture of your financial situation. This accurate picture will help him give appropriate advice for your situation.

Prepare to Act Decisively and Quickly After Your Bankruptcy Consultation

A bankruptcy consultation will only be beneficial if you decide to act quickly on the advice of the attorney. Many times people considering bankruptcy will seek council but will not act quickly on the advice given. Do not wait to file bankruptcy until you are absolutely forced into filing by a garnishment of your wages or other unbearable collection. Respond to the advice of your bankruptcy attorney quickly in order to get your fresh start as soon as possible.

Conclusion: A Bankruptcy Consultation Can Drastically Change Your Financial Life

If you are willing to act quickly and decisively on the advice of your bankruptcy attorney, then your life can change very quickly for the better. Prepare yourself before the bankruptcy consultation to put the effort in necessary to quickly respond to your deteriorating financial situation: make your bankruptcy “count.”

~Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John F. Bymaster


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