Free Bankruptcy Lawyer in Indiana and Indianapolis Area

September 22, 2015

Many people cannot afford to file bankruptcy because of their limited budgets. There are a limited amount of free bankruptcy lawyer options in the Indianapolis area. This article discusses how you can find a free bankruptcy attorney to take your bankruptcy case.

Free Bankruptcy Lawyers Are Usually Limited and Available in Extreme Poverty-Based Situations

Although there are legal clinics and pro bono (no charge) attorneys out there that will do your bankruptcy for free, they are very limited in number and reserved usually for extreme situations meriting pro bono help.  In fact, you may need to be 125% below the poverty line and you still may be rejected even if you meet that criteria.   Legal clinics are designed to help people who cannot afford legal services. In addition, attorneys will sometimes take a case once or twice a year pro bono (free, or for the public good).

A “free” bankruptcy attorney would likely only take very simple Chapter 7 cases.  It is not likely for an attorney to take a Chapter 13 case for free because such a case requires that you have regular, consistent income and therefore precludes the idea that you are sufficiently under the poverty line to merit pro bono services. We have made a list of clinics and pro bono sites below that can assist.

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic

Indianapolis Legal Aid Society

Indiana Pro Bono Commission 

Marian County Bar Association Pro Bono

Getting a Free Bankruptcy Lawyer May Be Much More Difficult Than Getting Your Bankruptcy Done Affordably at a Local Office

Because of the very high demand for free legal services, you may be rejected for a free bankruptcy or you may find it so difficult to complete or achieve that it may not be worth it. Remember, that free bankruptcy services are extremely limited in availability.  Therefore you may be rejected or forced to “jump” through an excessive amount of “hoops” in order for your bankruptcy attorney representation to be free. Also, remember that you will very likely be forced to still pay the court cost involved in filing the bankruptcy. The court cost exceeds $300 on both a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

Conclusion: Sometimes an Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney is a Better Thing to Seek Than a Free Bankruptcy Attorney

Although most people would like the opportunity to have an advanced service done for them for free, we all know in life that it is very uncommon to get anything for free.  Instead of searching for a free bankruptcy lawyer, perhaps it would be better to search for affordable, cheap, or discounted bankruptcy services. Remember, it is extremely important to have an attorney who is experienced to represent you in bankruptcy.  Our office, for example, offers very affordable bankruptcy services without the difficulty of “jumping through hoops” to get it.  If you have any questions about free bankruptcy services or finding an affordable option to get out of debt, give us a call.

~Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John F. Bymaster on Free Bankruptcy Lawyer in Indiana and Indianapolis Area







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