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February 7, 2016

Office Location has been in the family 70 years

The office location of Bymaster Bankruptcy was created in a farm home location that has been in the Bymaster Family for over 70 years.   When we were doing some recent landscaping and improvements, it hit me.  Our office truly is unique.   Looking out at the classic Indiana countryside and the rolling fields and fences, I felt very honored that God had put me into such a family and had given me this family residence.   I know why our clients feel at ease when they come by.

To give the background story, my great-aunt, Ruth Griggs (Bymaster), had purchased the farm back in 1947 with her husband Jim Griggs.  My grandfather, Forest Bymaster (Ruth’s brother) liked my Uncle Jim so much that he named my father after him.   Uncle Jim passed away in the late 70’s, but my Aunt Ruth continued to live there until 2007.   During my childhood, my Aunt Ruth played piano at church in Whitestown until later she came to attend church with her sister in Fayette.   We would go visit Ruth because she lived so close: sometimes she would play the piano for us in the home.

We have recently made some improvements at the office to try to make our clients feel more comfortable and invited when they come to the office.   Kelby and I – with a little help – have built a new decorative fence and planted several new trees.  My wife, Natalie and Kelby also designed a new small fountain over the original well location that should put our clients at ease.    We really want our place to feel like a refreshing, resort-like setting where we can focus on solving debt problems in a stress free environment.

The original plan I made with my sister, Anna Bymaster (now Carothers), when we opened the place in 2008 was to make a ranch-farm retreat where people could get out of debt.  We opened our family farm in order to help people get through the difficult times the nation was then newly facing.  We knew that a considerable amount of our clients would feel more relaxed in such a setting: it could also be a get-away from the more busy office feel that permeates most of Indianapolis.

My Aunt Ruth loved the idea that we were helping people and putting her home to good use after she moved out due to medical needs.   In a time of much change, something good continued to come out of that loving family home.   It seemed to be an encouragement to much of the family.


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