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April 20, 2016

Every attorney builds their practice to have a specific focus.   It is certainly uncommon to find an law office that practices in every area these days.  With laws becoming more complicated, specialty is the key.  What was John Bymaster’s focus?  It was to become the Indianpolis Bankruptcy Attorney for the people.   We want to provide a unique positive experience for all Indiana people that we help get out of debt.

We Care About the People We Serve: Our goal is to Offer an Overall Better Experience

Our office cares about providing a positive experience.  We know that bankruptcy can be one of the most stressful experiences one can encounter during their lifetime.   Offering a better overall experience is our goal.   To truly be an Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney for the people, we know that the experience counts.   If it is positive and memorable, we have met our goal.

First, an overall better experience (we feel) is achieved from our ranch-resort office setting that is located on the Northwest side of Indianapolis.  Our setting is relaxing and quiet: it is truly the perfect place for easing clients fears right from the start!   We wanted a debt-relief ranch setting that could focus on being a peaceful haven for dealing with stressful times.

Second, we have always focused on being friendly and interactive with our clients.  The cold, professional persona that has been attached to some areas of law -this simply does not work with bankruptcy and debt relief.  We know that the people we help need warm, caring interaction: we do our best to offer this.

We Strive to Be an Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney for the People by Lower Attorney Fees and Costs

To be a true servant of the people, we knew that it was important for Bymaster Bankruptcy to stay on the lower end of the spectrum on our fees.   We understood that a business model that charged on the higher end of the spectrum was fully incompatible with our goals.  We ALWAYS do our best to get our clients cases filed with payment plans or other arrangements.    Our office knows how tight money can be when you face debt problems: we try to always make a solution that will work to get our people out of debt.

Our Background Story: Be Different

We have not always followed motives of based soley profit.  Instead, Bymaster Bankruptcy has always strived to meet people’s needs as they came to our office.  We understood back in 2008 that an economic crisis at hand.  A new type of bankruptcy office could powerfully impact the people of central Indiana.   We have had no regrets from differing from the norm.  From locating our office in a rural setting to always trying to go the extra mile – we strove to be different. We knew that there was one thing that must always stay in our foremost focus: the people we serve.


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