Internet Bankruptcy Advice?

February 15, 2017

With the Internet being so readily available, many turn to the Internet for bankruptcy advice. Be careful.  Bankruptcy advice can only truly be given by a bankruptcy attorney.  Remember, legal advice is specifically tailored for each situation.  Seeking Internet bankruptcy advice can lead to undesirable outcomes.  However, there are advantages to using the internet to research bankruptcy.

Internet Bankruptcy Advice?  Stick to General Information Only

Using the Internet to educate yourself about the bankruptcy system can be extremely helpful. The Internet is full of general information on bankruptcy.  You can familiarize yourself with the various chapters of bankruptcy and their purposes. You can also sometimes find general help as to what is preferable in a bankruptcy situation and also what to avoid.

However, only general information should be acquired. The various bankruptcy resources online are designed for general information purposes only. No bankruptcy website is going to claim that it is delivering legal advice.  These sites are clearly not for that purpose.  Such advice would be impossible because legal advice must be specifically tailored to each set of facts. 

Never Seek Internet Bankruptcy “Advice” to Make Your Action Plan

Acquiring general information to create a specific action plan on bankruptcy is a mistake.  The problem is that you will not be as qualified or knowledgeable as a bankruptcy attorney. Remember, a free consultation is FREE.  Although you may have acquired a considerable amount of knowledge in bankruptcy, it is very likely that important gaps may still remain.  These “gaps” in knowledge can cause very undesirable situations to develop during your bankruptcy planning or filing process.

Internet Bankruptcy Education is Better than “Advice”

The internet can be a tremendous tool for researching bankruptcy.  Although you should never seek advice on a specific situation, understanding bankruptcy and other areas of law can be life-changing. When you understand various areas of law, you can confidently pursue your business and personal goals.   Using the internet to educate yourself on bankruptcy can be an important part of your overall financial education.  Financial education is extremely valuable wherever you can find it, including sources on the internet.  Developing a thorough knowledge of bankruptcy from books or the internet is very beneficial.  It adds to your background of financial knowledge. 

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