Speeding Up Your Bankruptcy Process

May 3, 2017

When people are overwhelmed with the debt, they many times want to get bankruptcy relief quickly.  It is possible to speed up your bankruptcy proceeding.   If you follow the suggestions below, then your bankruptcy proceeding will be completed at the fastest speed possible.

Get Your Required Documents Together Quickly

The bankruptcy court requires documents.  These documents will be turned into the bankruptcy court and the bankruptcy trustee in order to complete your case. One of the largest holdups when filing bankruptcy comes from not quickly providing the required documents. These documents are also required for the drafting of your bankruptcy petition.  

These documents are simple, consisting of a few years tax returns, some pay information, and the providing of bank statements.  In order to speed up your bankruptcy process, make a plan to provide your fees and required documents for your case immediately after speaking to your bankruptcy attorney.

Take your class as early as possible

Another way to speed up the bankruptcy process is to take your class as early as possible. Before you file for bankruptcy, you are required to take a one hour credit counseling course. If you desire to speed up your bankruptcy process, you should probably take this course immediately after speaking to your bankruptcy attorney.

Follow all requests of your attorney and the bankruptcy trustee as quickly as possible

The final resolution and closing of a bankruptcy case can also be held up by refusing to timely comply with the requests of your attorney or bankruptcy trustee.  Although the term “request” is used here, the reality behind any such request is that the desired items or actions are a non-negotiable case requirement. Your attorney and bankruptcy trustee only desire to complete their duties.  They will not ask for non-necessary documentation.  By not complying with these request timely, you will be holding up the bankruptcy process.

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