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FINANCIAL EDUCATION: Get Dynamic! Get Serious!

Sometimes you have to get dynamic to achieve anything worthwhile in life. You have to be serious about achieving your financial goals. This can mean taking drastic steps to radically transform your financial life.

Choosing To Do Things Differently

Time for Change We have all heard the common phrase about being “crazy.”  The phrase goes like this: it is crazy to keep doing the same things and expect different results.  In order to truly apply your “financial overhaul,” you must fully commit to radical changes in your financial life.   If fear or other negative emotions prevent you from making these radical changes, then you will see little or no results.  

A New Dynamic Life Based on Financial Truth 

In order to be successful financially, your new life must be based on financial truth. In order to put financial truths into practice, you must commit to the dynamic of “learning and applying.” This may require drastic changes to occur in your life as you apply new financial truths.   This is the part that will require you to be dynamic.  You must walk on new ground as you make these dynamic life changes.

Being Serious Requires Parting Ways With What Is Holding you Back

Being serious requires parting with the old ways of doing things.  This can be much more difficult to many people than what you may think.  It may be the single most difficult action required to having a successful financial overhaul.

Parting Ways With “Bad-Deal” Material Possessions 

The hard part for most people is parting ways with whatever is holding you back financially. For some people this may be a financed house or car. You may need to sell these items or even allow the creditor to take them back. You will need to do whatever you can to break your previous cycle of bad financial habits. 

You may need to start over from the beginning, decreasing your expenses to as low as possible. Then you can focus on your financial education and growth.  Believe me, do not dread it or be afraid! It can be fun!  Your stress will likely reduce.  You will see yourself slowly become both financially successful and responsible.  It will be worth the sacrifice.  

Parting with Bad Financial Habits

Financial obligations are not the only problem:  you must also part ways with bad financial habits.  Bad financial habits are deeply ingrained in most of us. Using loans and credit for personal uses are some of the worst financial habits.  Most people think nothing about getting a mortgage or car loan, yet these are very practices that cripple people financially.   Most people want the quick, easy route to achieving their financial goals.   This “quick and easy” mentality is the root of most bad financial habits.  This root mentality of the “quick and easy” must be forever rejected in your lives.

If you take the “quick and easy” path with finances, you will never acquire financial knowledge or apply it.   If you are patient and disciplined, you will be rewarded with ten-fold more financial blessings than if you always take the “quick and easy” way of getting what you want.  

Some Habits Die Hard 

Some habits such as addictions or “morality” issues die much harder than the more basic bad financial patterns.  If you are plagued with an addiction or other life-destroying vice in life, you need to seek help from your minister, a counselor, or faithful friends.   These people can help you make a plan of action and keep you accountable.  These people can help you deal with the deeper heart and truth issues that can prevent you from achieving financial success in life.  If these people you seek out cannot help you, they will likely help you find someone who can.  Be honest and accountable.   Seek help humbly and you will likely find it!  After getting help, you will have a better foundation to start building your new financial life.  

Conclusion: A New Life Requires Major Life Changes

A complete financial “overhaul” will not happen without serious commitment to dynamic change.   If you truly want a new, better financial life, then you must cast off your old ways of thinking.   The old financial ways in your life must become repulsive to you . . . they are actually working against you!   Putting into practice financial truth will radically transform your life.  It is a radical life decision that you will never regret.  


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Income Up! Expenses Down!

Financial Education Course #3

Income Up Expenses Down

One fundamental concept to financial success is simple: increase income and decrease expenses. Although this concept is very simple, most people do not apply it. Throughout your life, your focus should be on increasing your personal income and decreasing your personal expenses.

Decreasing Expenses

Most people have misplaced goals when it comes to finances. One misplaced goal is to get the nicest house possible. Another misplaced goal may be to finally save enough money to buy a dream car. The problem is this: most people focus on what they want instead of the best way to get it. This focus – on achieving your financial goal without focusing on the method for achieving it – is doomed to failure.

Increasing Income

Increasing income is kind of a “no-brainer.” We all know the benefits of increased income. However, have you ever really studied diligently how you could run a business or increase your knowledge towards the goal of increasing income? Knowledge is power. Acquiring assets and financial knowledge almost always increases your income. For instance, when was the last time you went to a seminar about marketing or website building? How much time do you spend learning about how to acquire and manage assets? If you constantly “build” yourself up with personal abilities and knowledge, your income will increase. However, an important warning is necessary here. If you do not first apply the principle of decreasing expenses, all of your increased income will be worth absolutely nothing. The tendency of most people is to immediately find ways to spend increased income. A nicer house, better cars, indulging in hobbies and other personal habits – these things have a natural way of immediately exhausting additional income. First make a commitment to decreasing expenses. Make them as low as possible! Then, make a commitment to only use your increased income for new assets and other investments. If you do this, a better overall financial life will naturally follow.


Math Never Lies. We have all found ourselves in the dynamic of wanting nicer things in life. Houses, cars, vacations – we want it all and we want it now. Sometimes the “right- now” desire to live life overcomes our math skills. In order to truly have an easier financial life, we need to always be focusing on increasing our income and decreasing our expenses. The math of this truth never lies.

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