Bankruptcy Attorney Mailers

April 18, 2019

Overloaded by Mail Flyers for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy attorney mailers have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. You may find 4-5 or more of these mail flyers in your mailbox within a week of a creditor filing a lawsuit against you. Can you trust these bankruptcy mail flyers? Should you just choose between which mailer’s office looks best if you are filing for bankruptcy? Choosing between bankruptcy mail flyers may be a very bad idea. Let me explain.

Bankruptcy Mailers and Flyers Rarely Reveals the True Qualities of the Law Office

If you need to file bankruptcy, you should do what is best for YOU. Bankruptcy mailers are only advertising material. The flyers rarely reveal the true qualities of the law office. These mailers are designed for one main purpose: getting you into the office. The flyer will be designed to capture your interest in any way possible. They also will make claims frequently that sound better than what the office is really offering. Do not trust the low-cost or $0 down bankruptcy claims: they are usually misleading or exaggerated. You may actually be led to going to the most expensive office in town! These mail flyers are also unreliable for revealing the true character, reputation, and experience of the law office.

Some bankruptcy mail flyers will be more accurate than others about what is truly being offered. You will not, however, be able to verify the claims only by the mailer. Remember, ALL bankruptcy offices need new clients to stay in business. The full gambit of offices could be sending you a mailer. These bankruptcy offices will likely range from the affordable to the most expensive, the friendly to the cold, and the experienced to the newly opened office.

Do Your Research: Better Options Are Likely Available than Your Mailers

For the most part, you will do much better with some quick research than just choosing a mailer option. Using the internet is one of the best ways to make your decision. Look at the disclosures (or lack thereof) of the bankruptcy office’s fees. If the website is not upfront or sounds too good to be true, it may also be an inaccurate presentation similar to the mailer. Use common sense. If the website is helpful and inviting, you may likely find the office to be similar once you attend the consultation. When you find a place that meets your standards or looks genuinely desirable, give that office a call or do more research. You can usually get the feel of the place over the phone and also ask for more information.

Another good source better than bankruptcy flyers are reviews and referrals. You may be surprised: ask your friends and family who to call. They will probably know somebody who can help you. They may have had a good personal experience themselves. In addition, it is common to find online reviews for most services. Although these reviews are not always accurate, they may also give you a much better feel as to the nature of the office.

Remember the old adage when it comes to bankruptcy flyers, “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Any sales person that approaches you is likely to not be selling exactly what you are desiring. When people truly want something (including a service), they usually just go searching and then buy it. Do your research. You will likely save money and possibly even prevent a bad experience.

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