Finding a Financial Mentor

April 2, 2019

Finding a financial mentor is not the primary goal of most people’s lives. However, finding a financial mentor can drastically change how your life will play out. It can be a powerful start to reaching financial success.

You will Not Find a Financial Mentor in College or Trade School

Most schools groom you for your future professional job. Most trades and businesses teach you how to operate within their own business framework. You are trained to be a piece of a large business puzzle. You are plugged into this puzzle. None of this is necessarily bad in itself: just none of this actually teaches you anything about money.

A Financial Mentor Teaches About Money

Financial mentors, on the other hand, devote their entire time to teaching you about money. Finding a financial mentor is critical to discovering how money can work for you. Those who understand how money works control the flow of money. A financial mentor may actually teach you his or her particular trade, but the focus will always be more on teaching how to make money work for you.

Finding a Financial Mentor: Two Lives Compared

Imagine a woman who does not find a financial mentor. She is very dedicated and industrious. She chooses to go to a four-year college and comes out with a useful degree. She finds a good corporate position. She purchases a house on a mortgage. She goes to the car dealership to get a loan for a new car. After 6 years since high school, she now has a good paying job, little or no net worth, and little or no real financial education.

Imagine a young man with fewer opportunities who does not choose to go to college. The man instead becomes friends with a local wealthy, financially wise man whose family lives in a large home. After some work that they do together, the young man is offered to stay at the wealthy man’s guest house. In exchange, he must help take care of the property and assist the wealthy man with his business. He has now found the perfect financial mentor.

The young man begins to engage in the same business, diligently applying all the lessons he learns about money and investment. He even gets guidance and support from his financial mentor all the way. After the same six years, the young man has an expansive financial knowledge, a paid-in-full work vehicle, and multiple properties with a net worth of $550,000.

Conclusion: Financial Mentors – The Direct Route to Financial Success

So many people go through life with no financial mentor. Many times people go to college in hopes of higher education and financial opportunity. Other times people will engross themselves in learning a particular trade or business. Finding a financial mentor is a much more direct path to financial success. Your financial mentor has a much simpler focus: teaching you every way he or she knows how to be successful with money.

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