Living Debt Free

April 1, 2019

Living debt free requires a radical change of thinking more than anything else. It will require the full-scale rejection of things that most people now consider as normal and necessary, such as mortgages and car loans. How can you live debt free? Living debt free requires two things: a new mindset and bold action.

Living Debt Free: A New Mindset

Living debt-free requires a new mindset. The first part of this mindset change is the rejection of loan-based “short-term” solutions. For instance, the short term solution to when you need a new car is to go out and get a car loan. No planning or saving is required in this mindset. No financial knowledge or planning is also required. This also applies to mortgages: you desire a house and fix this situation quickly by applying for a mortgage.

This “quick” solution mentality must be fully rejected if you desire to live debt free. It’s a hard decision to make: most other people will be doing the opposite.

In addition, you must also adopt a mindset where you reduce your personal expenses as close to “zero” as possible. Without the ability to save and invest, living debt free is impossible.

Living Debt Free: It Takes Bold Action

Living debt free also requires bold action. This bold action may require selling everything you own. It may even require you filing for bankruptcy. You must avoid all other bad financial thinking around you that constantly claims that what you want to achieve is impossible. You must do whatever it takes to reduce your expenses to as close to “zero” as possible. You also must do whatever it takes to find the proper financial education that it will take to achieve your financial goals.

Living Debt Free is Possible

Living debt free is not only possible but it can also be very financially rewarding. Blind materialism can work against you especially if it prevents you actually from gaining real wealth. Sometimes doing the opposite of everyone else can be quite rewarding. Living debt free is a perfect example of this. You can have true peace and honest financial gains knowing that your financial state is based on humble realities instead of banking contracts.

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