Can You Declare Bankruptcy Online?

August 28, 2019

Can you declare bankruptcy online? The answer is “yes” at least to some extent. You can do most of the process online even if you are declaring bankruptcy directly without an attorney. You can do this by reaching the forms and researching the locaton (which federal court office) in which you must declare your bankruptcy.

Declare Bankruptcy Online by These Federal Forms

There are online federal forms required for declaring bankruptcy. These online forms include an official request for bankruptcy (which is called a petition). They also include several other required documents such as schedules and statements. These documents help describe to the court your entire financial condition. You must fill out all of these forms which are available online. Then, you must submit them to your local federal bankruptcy court. You will also be required to take a bankruptcy course online that takes 1 hour. These federal forms can be accessed online here.

Declare Bankruptcy Online By Researching your Bankruptcy District

You must locate your bankrutpcy district and division online to see where to declare bankruptcy. You can do this first by going to the online district identifier provided by the U.S. Courts. This will be a good start to see which local office you must file for bankruptcy. Here is the Bankruptcy District link:

Once you have determined your district and division for your area online, you can usually call the local clerk of courts. You can call the clerks office through their number listed online. Every district will have its own website with contact area for each division office. By calling, you can make sure that you are declaring bankruptcy in the proper jurisdiciton. To declare bankruptcy, it would be best to drop off your bankruptcy request in person, complete with all the proper documents and schedules. Remember, you will need to also bring a $335 money order for your court costs and have already completed the first bankruptcy class. The class provider will provide you a certificate proving that you have already taken the class.

Declare Bankruptcy Online Easier Through an Attorney

Only bankruptcy attorneys usually have full access to online bankruptcy filing. Most bankruptcy attorneys declare bankruptcy online for their clients on a regular basis. The attorney will do your entire bankruptcy online much safer and more thoroughly than you can do by yourself. For a full discussion of why it is a good idea to hire an attorney to declare your bankruptcy online, please read this Federal Bankruptcy Court article.

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