Celadon Bankruptcy

December 27, 2019

Celadon Bankruptcy: Worst-Case Chapter 11 Scenario

The Celadon bankruptcy was close to a worst-case scenario for Chapter 11.  Things can always be worse of course, but this situation has most of the general “worst-case” aspects that a company can face in Chapter 11.

Chapter 11 Celadon Worst Case Scenario: No Reorganization

Chapter 11’s most appealing aspect is that the business can continue to operate as it “reorganizes.”  The business is allowed relief from its creditors and contractual obligations to some degree as it continues some form of daily operations.  The blow that Celadon has received from the market and the upper-level fraud charges has made such continued operations either difficult or impossible.   

Celadon instead intends to “liquidate” almost all of its assets and cease almost all operations.   Keep in mind, this is not necessarily a bad thing at this point. Chapter 11 still preserves as much value for society overall as possible by selling off contracts and equipment.  However, the employees got the worst end of this deal – at least for the abruptness of it. Some employees may quickly find new jobs, but some may face some serious consequences.

Chapter 11 Worst Case Celadon: No Good-Will or Name Brand 

Time will tell.  Celadon’s name may continue under a buyer.  However, the operational structure and the powerful name of Celadon may also come to an end.  Usually, a failing company at least has its structure to sell and continue. They usually have a “name” to sell for their creditor’s relief.  In this situation, this may not be the case. The false financial statements killed their stock. The fraud fine from the U.S. Department of Justice is difficult to overcome.  

Even a company with a wonderful PR history can sometimes never overcome a hurdle such as this.  Economics and numbers can create an impossible wall to overcome, forcing companies into bankruptcy.  However, a bad name can even be more difficult to overcome. If it brings up the wrong associations, it may be difficult to continue business even if many revenue strings are still up and running.     

Chapter 11 Celadon Worst Case Scenario: Abrupt Demise

The abrupt demise of Celadon in bankruptcy is not what the designers of Chapter 11 hoped to achieve.  Usually, Chapter 11 exist to preserve as much value and continuity to all parties as possible. With the abruptness of Celadon’s closing, much of this value was lost.  The employees were hit hard. The creditors were hit very hard. Only the value of limited systems, operations, and equipment were preserved. Even with such a loss, Chapter 11 is still valuable for society as a whole in preserving economic value.  However, many Chapter 11 cases are able to accomplish this with less jolt and harm to all parties.

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