COVID-19 Medical Bills

January 20, 2021

Filing Bankruptcy on COVID-19 Medical Bills

Medical bills for a hospital stay can come back in the tens of thousands.   A hospital stay for COVID-19 can create large bills that are not always covered fully from insurance or the government.   You can, however, file on medical bills related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Medical Bills can be Eliminated through Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a powerful choice for dealing with large debts that were created during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Bankruptcy generally eliminates all forms of debt including medical-related bills.   You cannot simply file a “medical” bankruptcy, however.  You will be required to file on all of your debts.   Although you must file on all your debts, you can usually keep your house and cars.

Medical Bills and BankruptcyMedical Bills Related to COVID-19 may be Negotiable

Due to the unprecedented nature of COVID-19, bills for large hospital stays may be negotiable.    With government payments and interventions, hospitals may do greater than their normal 40% or even 50% reductions on bills.  Local providers may also do larger than normal discounts on existing bills.   The key is communication and sometimes filling out financial need applications.

A powerful tool in negotiating medical bills is the threat of filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Go to a bankruptcy attorney for a consultation and use this as a tool to settle your debts.   If your medical debts cannot be settled, you can always pursue the route that the bankruptcy attorney described in your consultation.

Avoid Having Medical Bills Pass into Collections

Medical bills are much more negotiable many times before they reach the collections phase.   If you can avoid having your medical bills go into collections, you are likely safe from lawsuits or more aggressive collections.  If your large-scale medical bills have passed into collections and no hope is in sight, you should strongly consider filing for bankruptcy.  It may be your best and most cost-effective option.

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