Debts Not Listed on Credit Reports in Indiana

June 9, 2021

Certain debts are not listed on credit reports in Indiana. In fact, these debts will never show up usually in any credit search. Which type of debts do not show up on Indiana credit reports?  They usually are related to either medical bills or local service providers.

Medical Bills Do Not Show Up on Credit Reports

Medical Bills - Debts Not Listed on Credit Reports in IndianaMedical bills generally do not show up on credit reports in Indiana. This is primarily because they are service providers that provide confidential services.  The medical system also agrees that they do not want their debts to affect your credit.  In the simplest sense, medical bills come and go quickly and are generally just considered bills for a service instead of a credit reporting item.

Medical bills, however, do show up on your credit report when they get sent to a collection agency. They also show up on your credit report when a lawsuit is filed for the collection of a medical bill. Therefore, if a medical bill is more than 6 to 12 months old, it is very possible that it may start affecting your credit.

Service Providers Do Not Report Credit

Generally, most service providers are not required to report your credit. This is especially true for local service and even credit providers. For instance, your local utility bills generally do not reflect on your Indiana credit report unless they become excessively late. Other bills such as lawn treatments, gym memberships, or contractor repair bills also generally do not show up on credit.

Some local credit lines also do not show up on credit reports in Indiana. Credit tabs at local hardware stores, restaurants, and other local businesses will not be listed in your credit report. Therefore, it is important to use your bills and memory when you are collecting a list of all your creditors. In Indiana, not all of your debts are always listed on your credit report, especially if they are from local vendors.

Do Some Basic Homework

Remember, not all debts are listed on your credit report in Indiana. It is important that you do some basic homework when you are assembling a full list of your debts. Make sure to use your bills and statements first. Next, use your memory especially to recall any missing medical bills. Then, use your credit reports for a final check to make sure that you did not miss anything. This will help you make the most comprehensive list of creditors possible. It will be much better than just relying on your credit report alone.

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