Chapter 13 Pays Your Mortgage Payment in Indiana

June 22, 2022

Did you know that Chapter 13 pays your mortgage payment in Indiana? If your mortgage payment is behind, you can pay your mortgage payment through Chapter 13.  You will be able to force the mortgage company to start taking your payment again. You can also pay the mortgage and any behind amount right through the Chapter 13 case.

Mortgage Payments Go Through the Chapter 13 in Indiana

In many districts, you may still have to deal with your mortgage company and the Chapter 13 case.  In such places, you must pay the mortgage company directly and all the behind amounts are paid through Chapter 13.

In Indiana, both your regular mortgage payment and the behind amounts are paid through the Chapter 13 payment.  In fact, you will not have to deal with the mortgage at all for quite a while.  Instead, you will be represented by your bankruptcy attorney.  The Chapter 13 trustee will also control your mortgage company through the court.   The Chapter 13 trustee will require the mortgage company to submit a claim.   That claim will be paid through the case and the mortgage situation will be completely fixed.

Chapter 13 is a 100% Fix with Mortgages

Indiana Chapter 13 Mortgage in BankruptcyUsually, Chapter 13 is always a 100% fix with home mortgages.  There is no room for argument or denial.  The mortgage company will be forced to repair the situation and work with you.   The Chapter 13 case will work virtually every time.  It can stop foreclosure and even sheriff sales.

The only problem sometimes with this 100% fix if the payment can be afforded.  The Chapter 13 does not modify your mortgage loan.  Instead, it just starts payments again and pays off any behind amounts within 5 years.  If your normal mortgage payments are too high, you will still be faced with the exact same original problem in Chapter 13.   Also, your behind amounts could have grown too high if the mortgage has not been paid for a few years.  Paying back the behind amounts may be impossible if your income is too low.

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