What Do Indiana Chapter 13 Attorneys Charge Down?

June 8, 2022

In Indiana, Chapter13 trustee fees are usually court set.  This means that you can likely rest assured your attorney is not overcharging for the case.  It also means you can pay your Chapter 13 attorney fees through your case.    For this reason, it is usually more important to know what Indiana Chapter 13 attorneys charge down.   What will you be required to pay to get your Chapter 13 case going in Indiana?

Chapter 13 Indiana Attorneys Charge Differently

At Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices, we always attempt a different price strategy.  Our goal is to charge $0 down in Chapter 13 cases whenever it is possible.  At other times when the type of case makes it impossible, we always attempt to be among the lowest in the amount we charge down.  It is simply a different method of business because it attracts more cases.  It makes it a little easier to get a Chapter 13 cases started.

Many Chapter 13 attorneys will charge nearly the same amount down on all cases.  These attorneys frequently charge approximately the same that they would charge on a Chapter 7 to get the case going.  This could mean an attorney fee of $900 to $1800 down before you can get your Chapter 13 case going.   Alternatively, some attorneys may charge a full $4500 or some other amount before filing a case.  This might be for particularly difficult cases such as behind-mortgage cases that are about to face a sheriff’s sale.

No Money Down Will Not Always Mean Every Case

No Money Down Chapter 13 BankruptcySome attorneys offer “no money down” Chapter 13 such as our office.   This means that you pay $0 before you file on the attorney fees.   Although many cases may be able to be filed no-money-down, attorneys will likely be unable or unwilling to file certain kinds of Chapter 13s with no down payment.   They will charge something down on these cases.  Therefore, remember that all offices may not be able to apply $0 down cases at the same frequency as others even if they advertise such is available.

The cases where almost all attorneys will charge money down are behind-mortgage cases.  These cases are especially difficult at times.  These types of cases also have a much lower likelihood that the attorney will ever get paid anything through the Chapter 13 case.  If an attorney does such as case, there is a very high likelihood that they will not get paid anything at all. This is why attorneys usually charge $1000-$4500 down on such cases.

Other cases that will require larger amounts down are complex business cases.   Business cases in Chapter 13 can be complex because it is difficult to ascertain how much income the filer really possesses to pay the case.    There is also more documentation required.

Cases where there is little or arguably no income to pay the case may also require larger amounts down.  This is simply because there is a lower likelihood the attorney will ever get paid anything through the case.   Sometimes attorneys or the trustee will have doubts about the “feasibility” of such cases due to low-income amounts.

Even with No-Money Down You Pay Court Costs

“No Money” down advertising in Chapter 13 refers to attorney fees only.  In most court districts, you are required to personally pay the court cost for your case.  This amount is over $300 and increasing.   It is merely for the cost of the court starting your case.

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