Indianapolis Best Bankruptcy Attorney

September 16, 2022

It can be a challenge to find the best bankruptcy attorney in Indianapolis for your particular situation.   The bankruptcy attorney best for you may differ depending on your desire.  Finding Indianapolis’s best bankruptcy attorneys may come down to price, experience, or the type of case you want to file.

Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney Best Price

Indianapolis Best Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster
Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster explains what makes the best Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney.

The best price bankruptcy attorneys in Indianapolis may charge about $850-$1350 plus the court cost for Chapter 7.  They may also offer no money down (or less money down) on some Chapter 13 cases.  Attorneys in this price range may still offer quality service.  The focus might be quality service with a high volume of cases in this office.  Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Office fits into this category for almost all cases, trying to stay as affordable as possible (while still being able to not reduce services).

Middle-range-price offices charge more of like $1350-$1850 plus the court costs.  This can also be a good option.  These are sometimes smaller offices.  You will pay more but they are still great options.

Some more expensive offices can still be a great option.  They generally charge about $1850 to $2850 for Chapter 7 and sometimes higher.   Sometimes these offices claim to have the time-testing and experience to back up much higher rates.  Such an office may be unnecessary unless your case is exceptionally complicated.

Some pro-bono offices or extreme discount offices might be able to charge less than the $850 and operate.  You may run into some cutting of services or additional charges if you get into that range.  Or simply, more likely this price range may simply be unavailable.  If it is available, you may run into reduced-service options or petition preparers.

Is experience the Indianapolis Best Bankruptcy Attorney?

For some, the experience can be the biggest factor in finding the best Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney.   Some attorneys stand out in this quite a bit.  Their office may have a reputation as a “bankruptcy go-to” person in the Indy area.   You can ask bankruptcy court staff or other attorneys and they will send you to the right person.  Searches can also reveal some additional qualifications at times for extremely advanced cases.

For instance, Bymaster Bankruptcy Law offices has their attorney, John Bymaster.  He has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases over the last 16 years.   There are other attorneys in town that have also filed thousands of cases over the years.  Past record is usually one good indicator of what to expect.

Your Experience May be the Most Important Factor

What you will experience with the office you choose – may be the biggest factor ultimately determining if you found the best Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney.   For instance, Bymaster Bankruptcy tries to make the process as easy as possible.  Simple payment plans, a simple process, and being treated like a friend instead of just another client – these kinds of things may make the best overall option.   We strive to have all these elements present in one place.

Bymaster Law tries to have the optimal balance of low price, friendly interaction, and easy completion.  By doing this, we hope to have at least one of the offices in the running for Indianapolis’s best bankruptcy attorney office.   Whichever office you choose, hopefully, you will find the right balance for you, knowing you are satisfied with your choice.

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