Stopping Collection Calls in Indiana

September 21, 2022

Collection calls can be a horrible experience.  Sometimes the creditors never stop calling.  Other times they even call you at work.  In Indiana, you can stop collection creditors from calling you in Indiana in five main ways.

Stopping Collection Calls in Indiana Checklist

Notify Creditors in Writing to Stop Calling

First, you can notify creditors in writing to stop contacting you.   This will limit the number of times that they are legally allowed to contact you.   In fact, it should limit the creditor to only be allowed to contact you if they are taking a new collection step, such as filing a lawsuit.

Dispute the Debt: Tell Them to Prove It

Second, you can dispute the debt.  You do this by sending a letter to the creditor saying that you do not owe the money.   This must be done generally within 30 days after the first time you were contacted.  This will require the creditor to present you written proof of the bill generally before the creditor resumes calls.   This will get you a copy of things such as your contract, credit statements, or other documentation.  This is especially helpful if you do not recognize the creditor’s name or source during a call.

Creditor Calls at Work in Indiana

Third, creditor calls at work can generally be stopped.   Creditors (or at least debt collectors) are not allowed to contact you at work if you are not allowed to have calls at work.  In Indiana, simply tell the creditor that you are not allowed to have calls at work and to no longer contact you at work.  In addition, creditors are only allowed to contact you directly.  They are generally not allowed to contact family, neighbors, or your boss.  Document any such calls as they may be illegal.  These calls may be especially illegal if the creditors continue to contact any such person after you clearly instructed them to no longer do so.

Get an Indiana Attorney to Stop Creditor Calls

Fourth, you can get an Indiana attorney.  You can then instruct your creditor to no longer call you, alerting them that you now have an attorney.  You can then tell the creditor to send all forms of communication instead to your attorney.  This works well to stop most calls, especially when it comes to collection agencies.   Make sure, of course, to follow all instructions of your attorney.  Your attorney may have greater goals or concerns than just reducing your collection calls.

File For Bankruptcy

The fifth and most powerful way is to file for bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy instantly stops all collection calls.  The bankruptcy will start an “automatic stay” of all creditor activity.  No creditor can move forward against you in any fashion while you are in bankruptcy.   This includes the stopping of all collection calls.   If you file Chapter 7 or complete your Chapter 13, the creditors will never be able to call you again.  Your debts will be “discharged,” which means the full elimination of the debt.  Remember, bankruptcy is an important decision.  It should always be guided and supervised by an attorney.

Keep in mind that the five ways above are not the only method for stopping Indiana creditor calls.   There are also numerous other ways of stopping collection calls.   These ways include paying and settling debts, changing your contact methods, or communicating with your creditors in various ways.   Stay positive and be proactive.  Also, seek legal guidance when you face collection calls or even more aggressive forms of collection.

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