Bankruptcy Low Prices

March 13, 2024

Bankruptcy Low Prices

Bankruptcy low prices can be hard to find if they are the real deal.   By saying “real deal,” most people still want a high quality bankruptcy with a good attorney.  The internet promises impossibly low discount rates.  Still, some bankruptcy low prices are real and you still get an experienced attorney.  Others, as we will see, are too good to be true.


Bankruptcy Lower Prices With An Attorney

Some bankruptcy low prices really do exists with a full attorney representing you.   These bankruptcy discount law firms usually are located only in larger cities.   You may find that they are 2-3 times cheaper than other bankruptcy offices.  However, these offices sometimes only offer limited representation on simple cases.  You will have limited service.  You may also find yourself paying for anything “extra” on your case.  Limited staff and overhead can also cause problems with communication.   These attorney discount prices might be as low as the $600 to $1100 range.  You will also need to pay the $338 court cost.  Anything below this amount is likely not a law firm where an attorney is fully representing you.

The best “low” price attorney office may be priced a little above the cheapest in town.  By a very small price more, such an office may still offer you high-end, full-service bankruptcy representation.  They will still be much cheaper, however, than most other bankruptcy offices.  It is possible to stay on the lower end of price spectrum without sacrificing quality.   Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices, for instance, has always strived to stay in this category.  We desire to be very affordable without sacrificing quality of service.

Low Prices With the Goal of Not Sacrificing Quality


Low Prices Without An Attorney

Very low bankruptcy prices are usually too good to be true.  In such situations, you are most likely just paying to do the bankruptcy yourself.   It may be very unwise to do the bankruptcy case yourself.  This is even true with aid services like Upsolve, who offer assistance in very simple cases.  Even with assistance, the bankruptcy procedure remains very complicated.  You will have to go through the stress of completing the process on your own.

Many websites say bankruptcy is easy and you do not need an attorney.   This is simply not true.  It also borders on improper legal advice.  More than 90%of bankruptcy filers use attorneys for very good reasons.  Remember, these website that say bankruptcy is easy have a monetary interest to get you to use their website.  Also, some websites saying such things are simply disguised referral services.  They make money by referring certain cases back to local attorneys.

Many “Pro Se” (on your own) cases end up failing due to not understanding local requirements.  Even worse, non-represented cases frequently lose assets such as tax refunds or other assets.  This would end up potentially making the bankruptcy much more expensive in the long run.

Low Cost Bankruptcy Strategy
You Can Make a Realistic Low Cost Bankruptcy Strategy

Seek Low Bankruptcy Prices But Be Realistic

It is just fine to seek bankruptcy low prices.  The key is to be realistic and wise about what you gain by the discount.   The old adage “you get what you pay for” does still apply to some degree with bankruptcy discounts.  Make sure you are still paying for an experienced law office with a good attorney when you consider each low price offer.

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