Questions Asked at a Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

May 15, 2024

Questions Asked at a Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

Are you wondering what are all the questions asked at the Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors?   A simple answer is that all the questions are extremely simple.  You will understand each question.  In fact, they are much easier than all the questions that you answered for your bankruptcy consultation.   However, a few questions occasionally confuse some people.  These questions are included here for clarification.  Also, a full list of every question is included for those who want to be especially prepared.


Questions At a Bankruptcy Meeting are Very Simple

None of the questions will likely stump or confuse you.  They are extremely simple.  For instance, the first question that Trustee usually asks is “What is your full name?”  The next question is usually, “Do you still live at the same address as when the case was filed a month ago?”  None of these initial questions will likely pose any problems.

After some identifying questions, the bankruptcy trustee will switch to financial questions.  Once again, these are extremely simple questions.  Most of the answers are simply “yes” or “no.”   For instance, the trustee will ask if you currently own any form of real estate.   Then, the trustee may ask how many cars you currently own.   The trustee will then continue with some other very simple financial questions.

For a full list of the bankruptcy meeting of creditors questions, click here.

Questions at the Bankruptcy Meeting that Occasionally Confuse People

People are confused occasionally by a few questions at the bankruptcy meeting of creditors.   The first one is “Have you read the Bankruptcy Information Sheet provided by the United States Trustee?”  The correct answer to this question is “yes” and most people just instantly recognize to say “yes.”  This is because your attorney usually has you both read this item even has you sign a statement that you have read it.  However, this document is so simple and easy-to-forget that you may not know what the trustee is asking.  This is a document that has some quick government disclosures on it.  It also shows the different Chapters of the bankruptcy code that you can file.  However, since almost everyone files only Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, much of the document is irrelevant.  Therefore, it is also very easily forgotten.

Another question that can stump a person is “what is the address of your current employer?”  This simply catches some people off guard because they cannot remember the exact address.   Also, many corporations have several addresses.  Try to memorize your current employer’s local address before the meeting.

Other financial questions can also be a little difficult at times.  These questions usually revolve around transactions on bank statements.  Sometimes good answers to such questions simply cannot be recalled on the spot at the bankruptcy meeting.  In such cases, a list of transactions are usually just given to be explained later.

Questions of Value Can Be Confusing

Other times, the trustee may ask something like how much is your house worth?   These questions are very broad and sometimes uncertain.  The best answer would probably be to state something similar to the price that was determined on the comparative market analysis or appraisal that was turned into the court.  However, sometimes this information cannot be remembered.  Other times, your personal opinion may differ as either higher or lower than the amount.  Whatever you answer is just fine as long as you tell the truth.  Remember, it is not good, however, to overstate or inflate the price of an asset.  The trustee needs an accurate value.  If uncertain, do not overstate the value as this may waste you and the Trustee’s time.   An unnecessary further investigation into the house’s value can also be stressful.

Who is this Bankruptcy Trustee on my Case?

Do Not Worry About the Trustee’s Questions

Remember, all the questions at the bankruptcy meeting of creditors are very simple.  The meeting usually only last about 10 minutes.  Also, no creditors usually attend. It is just you, the Trustee, and your attorney.  It is usually very easy and uneventful.  Be direct, truthful, and courteous.   It will be over quickly and you will be on your way to getting out of debt.

Know Bankruptcy Questions Ahead of the Hearing
Learning the questions before the meeting can make things go much more smoothly


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