After Bankruptcy Financial Education

After you finish your bankruptcy case, you will truly receive a fresh start in life.  This fresh start in life will only be as good as you make it.  In fact, if you keep your old financial ways, you may not really be getting much of a full fresh start at all.  More debts and difficulties could easily follow even after bankruptcy unless there is a major change.  It is critical that you start thinking about finances in a new way.

We created the “After Bankruptcy Financial Overhaul” series in order to teach people a brand new way of going about finances in life.   The teachings are simple, yet radical.  They will boldly change your life if you choose to follow them.

Unlike other courses, the “After Bankruptcy Financial Overhaul” focuses on changing the way that you think.  It also focuses on major life change.   Other courses will offer budgeting, balancing, and other more routine, mundane financial guidance.  We intentionally neglect these items in this education series.   These items are extremely important to a balanced financial life – they must also be learned.   However, we have focused more on breaking bad financial habits by changing your financial goals and the way that you think.

For instance, some courses will show you in detail how to budget.   This is very good – knowing the mechanical aspect of planning and monitoring your income and expenses.  In our course, we focus on reducing expenses to as close to $0 as possible.  We even offer scenarios where you could conceivably live monthly for free.  We also focus on various ways of increasing income.    Without a drastic perception change like this about income and expenses, all of the budgeting knowledge in the world would be worth very little.

This course is broken down into seven parts as listed below.  Start with the first section, working your way through each one week by week.  It is important to talk about the items within material with family, friends, or colleagues.  See what they think – it may be very different than what is being taught.  Also, make sure to do the quizzes and assigned reading.  Look for other books also to read on the topics covered.

The seven courses of Bymaster Bankruptcy’s “After- Bankruptcy Financial Overhaul Education Series” are listed below:

Financial Education Teacher Attorney John Bymaster

John Bymaster has taught financial education focusing on renewed thinking and life change multiple times at various venues.

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