• June 6, 2019

    Student Loan Crisis Looms – Are Current Solutions...

    As the student loan crisis looms, many proposals to this crisis are being presented in anticipation of the next presidential election. Various presidential candidates are presenting their own solutions. Questions come quickly into play – such as are these solutions constitutional? Is bankruptcy or something else the best solution? Elizabeth Warren’s Student Loan Solution Elizabeth […]

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  • May 29, 2019

    Dress Barn Closings – Indianapolis Bankruptcy News

    As the retail apocalypse continues, Dress Barn decides to close all of its 650 stores. Although this kind of news seems like the new “norm,” the numbers are truly shocking. It is estimated that a total of almost 6,000 to 7,000 retail stores will close in 2019 alone. Dress Barn, however, will be a large […]

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  • May 21, 2019

    Steak n Shake Temporary Closings Continue- Indianapolis Bankruptcy...

    As sales decrease at Steak n Shake locations throughout the United States, the closing of multiple locations has begun in Indianapolis. The corporation who owns the corporate side to Steak n Shake is located in San Antonio, Texas. This company, called Biglari Holdings, Inc, has stated that these closings are only temporary. Temporary Closings Making […]

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  • April 23, 2019

    Transitioning to a Summer Budget

    Transitioning to a summer budget can be a powerful way to save money and reduce expenses. As summer approaches, the warmer season offers a unique opportunity to revamp your financial life to make it much easier. You can easily transition to a summer budget with three easy steps. Step One: Mark All Places Where You […]

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  • April 18, 2019

    Bankruptcy Attorney Mailers

    Overloaded by Mail Flyers for Bankruptcy Bankruptcy attorney mailers have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. You may find 4-5 or more of these mail flyers in your mailbox within a week of a creditor filing a lawsuit against you. Can you trust these bankruptcy mail flyers? Should you just choose between […]

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  • April 16, 2019

    Paying Your Bills on Time for Millennials

    Recent studies have indicated that millennials appear to have more difficulty paying their bills on time than previous generations. The reasons for this phenomena are debatable. Here are three tips that can make paying bills on time easier for millennials. Tip #1: Millennials, Meet Auto-Pay Auto-pay for bills can be anyone’s friend for building credit […]

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  • April 11, 2019

    Mother’s Day on a Budget

    Were you aware that Mother’s Day is one of the largest holidays for spending? Mother’s Day can be a perfect opportunity to express love, but does this love have to be expressed by expensive financial gestures? Mother’s Day on a budget can even be more meaningful. It forces you to approach it with a unique, […]

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  • April 9, 2019

    Consequences of Long-Term Debt

    Most people take mortgages, car loans, and credit cards as a necessary part of modern life. However, these debts usually stick around for the long-term. They are rarely ever resolved or fully paid. The consequences of long-term debt can be very severe. You Will Pay 3-4 Times More or Greater The first consequence of long-term […]

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  • April 2, 2019

    Finding a Financial Mentor

    Finding a financial mentor is not the primary goal of most people’s lives. However, finding a financial mentor can drastically change how your life will play out. It can be a powerful start to reaching financial success. You will Not Find a Financial Mentor in College or Trade School Most schools groom you for your […]

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  • April 1, 2019

    Living Debt Free

    Living debt free requires a radical change of thinking more than anything else. It will require the full-scale rejection of things that most people now consider as normal and necessary, such as mortgages and car loans. How can you live debt free? Living debt free requires two things: a new mindset and bold action. Living […]

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