Is Bankruptcy Biblically Moral?

A Look at a New Book by John Forest Bymaster, J.D.

I wrote the book “Is Bankruptcy Biblically Moral?” because I noticed the moral struggle that so many of our clients have faced over the years. Many of our clients had developed a false impression of bankruptcy and morality. These clients struggled with whether bankruptcy was moral. They falsely believed that filing of bankruptcy was a moral shortcoming.

In fact, bankruptcy itself is 100% moral. It was instituted in the Bible by God. The periodic release and forgiveness of debts was required by God to prevent injustice and oppression in society. Bankruptcy is one of the primary moral balancing agents in any free society.

This book will take away your fears and confusion about bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the release of debts. It is forgiveness. If you are in overwhelming debt, bankruptcy is designed for you. If you desperately need financial reorganization to survive, bankruptcy is designed for you. Do not put yourself through a moral dilemma any longer. Read this book and get the answers and assurance you need.

Why Does Bankruptcy Get a “Bum-Rap?”

Bankruptcy frequently gets a “bum-rap” because many cannot distinguish between the institution of bankruptcy and the true financial ills that our society faces. Therefore, this book describes what the Bible teaches about finances both on a personal and societal level. A “moral” financial life can be achieved by following the financial teachings of the Bible.  A “moral” society can be achieved by following God’s instructions on how to keep financial oppression and injustice out of society.

It is important to understand that bankruptcy itself is fully moral. A person’s financial vices or bad habits need to be corrected. Society’s financial oppressions and mismanagement also need to be corrected. Bankruptcy, however, is fully separate and not connected to these shortcomings. Bankruptcy is a moral balancing agent instituted by God.

~John Forest Bymaster, J.D.

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