How to Go to the Bankruptcy Meeting in Greenwood Indiana

Bankruptcy Meeting Greenwood IndianaAfter your Greenwood Bankruptcy case is filed, you will be required to go to a bankruptcy meeting.  This is a short, informational meeting that Greenwood residents must attend to complete their bankruptcy case.   If you live in Greenwood, you will attend this meeting in the Birch Bayh Federal Building located at 46 E Ohio St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.  It will be on the fourth floor in room 416.

For a limited period of time, there may also be the opportunity to do your bankruptcy meeting telephonically.  This means that there will be a set date where you must dial in to conduct your meeting over the phone.  Your attorney will still attend this meeting with you over the phone.

Bankruptcy Documents Required to Be Submitted by Greenwood Residents

After you submit all your initial bankruptcy petition, Greenwood residents will also be required to submit documents to the trustee.  This is usually taken care of completely by your Greenwood bankruptcy office.  These documents must be submitted no later than 7 days before the bankruptcy meeting.   However, they are usually submitted almost 20 days in advance.   Therefore, make sure to get these documents to your attorney early.

Greenwood Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

You will attend your Greenwood Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors in a simple setting where you sit down at a table and answer a serious of basic financial questions.   Your Greenwood attorney will be with you to make sure to answer any legal questions.  Most of the questions are very simple “yes” or “no” questions about your finances.    You will be required to bring your driver’s license and social security cards to the meeting.  You may also need to bring updated bank statements and paycheck stubs.

After the meeting, your Greenwood bankruptcy should be near completion.  If you have not taken the second required 2-hour class, you will need to take that class right away after the meeting.   You will receive your discharge through the mail in approximately 60 days.  This is the final order that will remove your debts.  If you filed a Chapter 13 payment plan instead, then all you will need to do is keep making your monthly payments until the plan is complete.

Bankruptcy in Greenwood is easy if you understand the process.  Allow Bymaster Bankruptcy to be your guide through Greenwood bankruptcy process.  Book a free consultation with us today!

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