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Indiana Bankruptcy Blog

Our Indiana Bankruptcy Blog offers everything you could want to know about bankruptcy, financial education, and more!  Our most recent articles are at the bottom of the page.  We divided our articles into 5 main categories:

Most Recent Indiana Bankruptcy Blog Articles

2005 Bankruptcy Reform Law Trojan Horse

2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act Controversy

The “Trojan Horse” 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act is Creating Election Controversy The 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act is creating some controversy ...
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Celadon Bankruptcy

Celadon Bankruptcy: Worst-Case Chapter 11 Scenario The Celadon bankruptcy was close to a worst-case scenario for Chapter 11.  Things can ...
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Celadon Bankruptcy Filed in Delaware?

Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster being interviewed by Fox59 about the Celadon Trucking Bankruptcy Celadon is an Indianapolis-based company. The ...
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Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney explains Celadon Bankruptcy

Celadon Trucking – Indianapolis Bankruptcy News

Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster was interviewed on Fox59 News regarding the Celadon Trucking Bankruptcy. On Sunday, December 8, 2019, ...
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Romantic Scams Causing Rise in Bankruptcy

Romantic Scams causing Rise in Bankruptcy

Online romantic scams have been forcing many unsuspecting, kind-hearted people into bankruptcy. It is a real tragedy as these situations ...
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