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Indiana Bankruptcy Blog

Our Indiana Bankruptcy Blog offers everything you could want to know about bankruptcy, financial education, and more!  Our most recent articles are at the bottom of the page.  We divided our articles into 5 main categories:

Most Recent Indiana Bankruptcy Blog Articles

Using Retirement Savings To Pay Off Debts

Should You Use Retirement Savings to Pay Off Debt? Using retirement savings to pay off debts is usually allowed by ...
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Refiling Bankruptcy in Indiana

When Can I Consider Refiling bankruptcy in Indiana? Thinking about refiling bankruptcy in Indiana? Many people in Indiana find themselves ...
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Debt Collectors Calling After Bankruptcy

Debt collectors should not be able to call after bankruptcy.  Debt collectors who continue to call after bankruptcy are in ...
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Debts Sold to Collection Agency

Debts are frequently sold to a collection agency.  Having your debt held by a collection agency can be a much ...
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Credit Score Changes Decrease Bankruptcy

Major changes are coming to how credit scores will be calculated.  These credit score changes will likely make it more ...
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