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Indiana Bankruptcy Blog


Tax Penalties and Bankruptcy

Tax Penalties and Bankruptcy

Many clients have asked about tax penalties and bankruptcy.  Tax penalties are a difficult burden.  You usually receive tax penalties ...
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Bankruptcy and DUI

Bankruptcy and DUI, OWI, and DWI’s

An intoxicated driving offense (such as a DUI, OWI, or DWI) can have a devastating effect on both the driver ...
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Image of baseball - sports memorabilia and bankruptcy

Sports Memorabilia in Bankruptcy

Can I Keep Sports Collectibles or Sport Memorabilia in Bankruptcy? Collecting sport memorabilia can be an enjoyable, lifetime hobby.  If ...
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Chapter 13 Plan - Raise in Income

Chapter 13 Plan – Getting a Raise

What if You Get a Raise During Your Chapter 13 Plan? Chapter 13 Plan - Getting a Raise.  What will ...
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment Due

Chapter 13 Average Monthly Payment

What is the average Chapter 13 monthly payment that most people face during their Chapter 13 case?   Although an average ...
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Millionaire Bankruptcy

Why Do Millionaires File Bankruptcy?

Millionaires - Why Do They File For Bankruptcy? Millionaires file for bankruptcy due to the simplest reason: numbers.  They are ...
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Image illustrating bankruptcy exemptions

Build Credit

5 Ways to Build Credit Building credit opens up a whole new world of options and savings that can be ...
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Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster explains how to spring clean your finances.

Spring Clean Your Finances

What does it mean to spring clean your finances?  Spring cleaning occurs every year.   Some people clean up their yards.   ...
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment Too High

Chapter 13 Plan Payment Too High?

Is your Chapter 13 plan payment too high in your bankruptcy case?  You can sometimes have your bankruptcy trustee agree ...
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Bankruptcy Service of Process

Service of Process to Bankruptcy Creditors

If I file Bankruptcy, Will I Need to Provide Service of Process to All My Creditors? If you file for ...
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