What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be a powerful fresh start. It can get you of out debt quickly. Chapter 7 is the “Discharge” (or total elimination) of your debt. If you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it will stop all collection activity immediately.

Harassing calls, foreclosure, garnishments, repossessions, a sheriff sale date, or any other form of collection – all of it will stop! All of your debts will be eliminated. Only certain exceptions cannot be eliminated in Chapter 7 such as
student loans, certain tax debts, and a few other rare

Bankruptcy cases are filed in Federal Court. Your bankruptcy case will most likely be conducted through Indianapolis if you live in central Indiana.

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More Information on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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“We know that filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can relieve our clients many times from tremendous economic hardship. It will help them get the fresh start they deserve. It can rebuild their credit. It relieves the terrible stress of the debts. We make our clients’ Chapter 7 experience through our office friendly, caring, and very affordable. They don’t need any more stress than what they are already going through.”

– John Bymaster an Indianapolis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

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