Welcome! Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices looks forward to filing your bankruptcy case. Whether you are filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the resources you need are here to complete the process. Make sure to watch the video above for a brief overview of how to get your bankruptcy case filed with our office.  Then, make sure to read every section of this page to help you get through the process.

After your consultation, the next step is to review the 6-Page Client Folder below. This Folder gives you all the information you need in order to get your case filed. This Folder is also part of your contract. This folder explains IN DETAIL the documents required for getting your case filed. Please review this document right away:

6-Page Client Folder – Read This Now

Remember there are 3 steps for getting your case filed:

  1. Take the 1-hour class
  2. Provide all your forms and documents by uploading them through our Document Portal – see the 6-Page-Client Folder (Alternatively, you can have an appointment set to bring them to our office)
  3. Pay the required amount of fees to file the case



The 3 Steps to Filing Your Case:

1. Take the Online One-Hour Class:

First Course: Credit Counseling Click Here

Take the first online class as soon as possible. It only takes one hour. You must complete the entire class and fill out the end part in order to receive the certificate. The certificate is required to file your case. Take it here through Summit Financial.

The Next Step . . .

2. Upload Your Documents and Forms (or have an appointment set to bring them to our office):

Required PDF Document Format: Click Here

When uploading documents to our Document Portal, it is vital to provide them in the required PDF document format. Make sure that all your documents meet this required PDF standard, otherwise, they will be rejected by the court.  You can also email the documents or you can set an appointment to bring them to us. 

Required Bankruptcy Forms – Click Here

In order to get your case filed, you are required to provide the documents and forms from Page 2 of the folder. We will need the documents and forms listed (on Page 2) of the 6-Page Client Folder to complete your case.

You are required to fill out the below, more-detailed Forms for your case. Do not complete these on your phone: use a computer only. These forms must be downloaded first to your desktop and then “Saved As” when they are completed. If you desire to fill them out by pen instead, just print them out and then scan them back in when you have completed them.

Creditors List Form: Click Here

You can use the below creditors list also if you have less than 25 creditors. If you have more than 25 creditors, you are required to fill out all your creditors through MyCase (YOU CAN NOT USE THE BELOW FORM IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 25 CREDITORS). The creditor list below can be printed out and filled out by hand. If you choose to complete the form digitally, make sure to download it first to your desktop on your home computer. (Do not fill out this document on your phone.) When the form is completed, go to “File” and Save “As” the document somewhere on your computer when you are done. Then, send the Saved”As” creditors list to us.

The Next and Final Step . . .

3. Pay the Required Fees to File Your Case

You must also pay the required amount of fees under the contract to file your case. Make these payments by calling our office with a debit card during business hours. Or, we can send you an E-Bill for you to pay at your own timing upon request.



Upon Completing the Above 3 Steps, We’ll Send Your Bankruptcy Petition 

Once we have your documents and the required fees, we will draft your petition. Your bankruptcy petition will be e-mailed to you for review. In order to sign the petition, you must sign the signature pages and mail these original signatures back to our office with the United States Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. You can also drop off the original signature pages at our office. The law requires that the bankruptcy petition has an original signature. Digital signatures or copies on the bankruptcy petition are not allowed. If you request, we can provide a postage-paid large envelope. (NOTE: You do not need to worry about this part now, we will send you more information about this when you sign your petition).

Once we receive the signature pages in the mail, we will be able to file your bankruptcy!

Alternatively, you can have an appointment set to sign the documents in our office.  This can be easier in many cases! 


After Your Bankruptcy Case Has Been Filed

After your bankruptcy petition is filed, you will receive a Bankruptcy Notice in the mail from the court. This will tell you when your bankruptcy meeting will be held. You must attend the bankruptcy meeting. Make sure to bring your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, your 2 most recent paycheck stubs, and your two most recent bank statements for each account.

When you receive the Bankruptcy Notice in the mail, please make sure to take the second bankruptcy class.

Most cases pay all attorney fees and court costs BEFORE the case is filed. If you are a case that has not paid ALL your attorney fees before your case is filed, you will only have 30 days to pay the rest of your fees. This is vitally important to complete the process as required by the contract. Contact our office within 30 days with the final payment(s). Contact us if you have any questions.

We will also need a bank statement update after your case is filed. Please email our office your next bank statement. This is a court requirement.

We look forward to working with you and getting you out of debt!

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