All documents must be sent in Portable Document Format (PDF Format).   Do not send documents in image formats (such as JPG or PNG).  The documents also need to be sent in a single PDF for each document category.  (Example: Do not send us 14 files for your paycheck stubs). When all of your documents are scanned or generated, put them on your desktop in 7 – 9 single PDF files, named similar to below:

Requirements for Documents - PDF Format Only


A list of your required documents are just like the above photo:  The Creditors List, 7 months paychecks or poof of income, 2 years Taxes, and 90 Days Bank Statements (Chapter 7 only).   Cases with houses also require a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), and a copy of the Mortgage, Note, and Deed.   Read Document List in more detail now – 6-Page Client Folder (Page 2).

Some tips to get PDF’s ready easily:

Most documents that come directly from payroll or banks are already available in PDF format.  Make sure to generate all the paycheck stubs at the same time to cause them to be in one 7-month PDF file.  You can also log into your bank account and print out each month’s bank statement in PDF format. If possible, join together multiple PDF’s so that there is only one PDF per each document category.

You can also usually find full tax returns in PDF format.  Remember, we will need a copy of your Federal and State returns for the two most recent years.  We will also need a copy of your W2’s.

Remember, all documents should be uploaded AT THE SAME TIME through the MY CASE Document Upload system. They can also be uploaded through our Document Portal. The documents should be redacted as according to the contract.


If you only have access to a physical document, you can also scan the document into a single PDF.   Make sure your scanning program scans the entire document into a single PDF.  Save the PDF on the black and white 200 DPI setting if possible.  Then you can send us the scanned PDF document.  If all else fails, a fax machine is an instant scanner.  You can just fax us the physical document at 317-769-4545. Use fax only as a last resort: always prepare PDF’s if at all possible.   


FedEx, UPS, and most local print stores provide easy-to-use scanning service.  They will scan all the documents for you and send them to your email.   They will even assist you with the entire process for a small fee.  They also provide access to computers where you can save all your documents from your bank, tax preparer, or employer portal.   There are almost 40 UPS and FedEx store locations in the Indianapolis area alone.  There are also similar locations offering these services throughout the entire state of Indiana.


Many phones now have PDF creators within their camera’s scan document function.   This method of transmission is not recommended, however, and should only be used if absolutely necessary.  The quality of such documents or the multiple document format it generates may render such camera-based PDFs unacceptable.   Such documents may be rejected by the court because they cannot be read or simply appear as a photograph.


If you would like, you can always make an appointment to have our office scan in your documents.  We would then set a time for you to sign your petition.    

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