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Evansville Bankruptcy Lawyer OfficeIf you don’t have the finances to pay your bills, you may need legal help. Call our office.  We are an Evansville Bankruptcy Attorney option.  We have helped thousands of Hoosiers deal with their financial problems over the years.

Attorney John Bymaster, attorney at Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices serving Evansville, IN, has helped many people find a solution to their debt issues. We’re here to help you too! Some of the bankruptcy services we offer include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings. Your privacy is important to us, so we strive to provide professional and affordable options. We understand that finances can be stressful for our clients – which is why we offer $0 down and payment plans.

There is a high probability that quite a few Evansville residents will end up in debt with the current tough financial times.  Although the bankruptcy rates have gone down since Covid-19, it is still quite common to file for bankruptcy.  Vanderburgh County averages about 685 bankruptcy filings per year and it’s expected to increase in 2023 and beyond. Below is a chart of Vanderburgh County Bankruptcy Statistics for the last five years:

Evansville Bankruptcy Attorney Filings

If you are an Evansville resident filing bankruptcy your case will be filed at the Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse in the Southern District of Indiana. This district includes most of central Indiana, including Vanderburgh County. For details about Evansville’s bankruptcy court, follow the link below and we’ll share more information about filing for bankruptcy.

Southern District of Indiana Bankruptcy Court

Evansville Bankruptcy Lawyer Rates

Attorneys in Evansville usually charge around $1500-$2500 for Chapter 7.   Chapter 13 may also require a large amount down from $800-$4500 own on many Evansville cases.   Bymaster Bankruptcy charges much less than this.  We never strive to be a cheap Evansville Indiana bankruptcy option.   We simply keep things affordable while still offering high-quality responsiveness and a friendly environment.   Our Evansville Bankruptcy rates are as follows:

Evansville Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

$970-$1170 on most cases (plus the court cost)

(Easy payment plans, you must pay one half before the case is filed).

Evansville Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

$0 down on most cases

(You must pay the $313 court cost to file)

(Some mortgage cases or other case types may require some down)

Why Would Evansville Prefer Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices?

Evansville Bankruptcy Lawyer Virtual OfficeBymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices, an experienced bankruptcy practice, has helped thousands of people file for relief in Indiana. In addition to our in-person bankruptcy services, we offer a remote digital office where clients can meet us face-to-face while remaining in the comfort of their homes.  Our in-person and remote options, both offer the same quality of bankruptcy service.

Our attorney John Bymaster and his staff understand that Indiana residents are struggling with tough economic times. If you’re in this difficult situation, then you know that it can be tough to find affordable help. That’s where Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices comes in. Our fees are low, and there are different payment options available to you so you can afford help today.

We’re excited to meet you and hear your story during your free consultation. We can provide you with personalized service that will help you get out of debt.

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