FAST FILE – A Free Option to Get Your Case Filed Faster

Fast File Bankruptcy Have you thought through the options?   Already sure bankruptcy is what you need to get a fresh start?  You can use our free FAST FILE option.

FAST FILE is a free option you can use at Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices to get your case filed faster and easier.  Most of the time, Fast File only requires one appointment to complete your bankruptcy!   Fast file is NOT required for your bankruptcy consultation – only go for FAST FILE if you WANT to use it.

It’s Easy – What do You Need for FAST FILE?

To participate in our unique, no-added cost “Fast-File” option, you need to bring these additional items to your consultation appointment and take the 1-hour class:

  1. Documents – Bring these in paper, digital form, or via online access with all passwords ready:
    • Your Driver’s License and Social Security Card(s)
    • Your Creditors – (As much creditor information as possible.   If possible, also list your creditors out through this form before you come.
    • 7 months proof of all income – (paycheck stubs for you AND your spouse, social security statements, etc . . .)
    • 2 years of Taxes – Your Last Two Years, Federal, State, and W2’s
    • 90 days bank statements for all accounts
    • (Note – if you have real estate you also need your Mortgage, Note, and Deed from your closing folder, and a recent free realtor market evaluation or appraisal)
  2. Take the One-Hour Required Class – It costs $14.95 from Summit Financial

For More Detail on These Required Documents – Click Here

More Important Things to Know About FAST FILE

Make sure that you contact our office ahead of time if you want to do the FAST FILE option.   Also, attempt to set your appointment in the center of the day (10 am- 2pm) to make sure we can draft your petition the same day.  Complex cases or cases with real estate may not be eligible or appropriate for the FAST FILE option.   These cases may take an additional appointment(s) to complete your case.

The FAST FILE option also requires that you have the appropriate amount of fees ready for your case.  In Chapter 7, this is usually a minimum of half the attorney fees and also the $335 court cost.   In Chapter 13, it may only require the $310 court cost if you have a normal, non-behind mortgage case.   The $0 Down Chapter 7 option requires an in-person, qualified cosigner – it will also require you to pay the $335 court cost first on ALL cases. FAST FILE does ­not mean that the case will be filed or completed on the same day.  It simply means that you will be able to complete most (if not all) of your initial requirements in only one appointment.   You may never have to come back to our office!

If you need an Emergency Filing (a case that must be filed very quickly), there will be an additional charge.   The FAST FILE system is not the same as an emergency filing.

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