Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices can help you file your online bankruptcy in Indiana with an attorney. Many websites and online bankruptcy services do not provide this same type of service.  When filing for bankruptcy online, most of the time, these services only help you “do it yourself.”  These are bankruptcy preparers and websites that only guide you through filing online.  Your bankruptcy in such situations would be a “pro se filing.” That means that an Indiana bankruptcy lawyer is not representing you. Pro se filer means you are “on your own.”  You file as an individual without legal representation. Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices offers the best of both worlds. We provide online bankruptcy, but you receive the same legal representation as a traditional, in-person lawyer.

How Do You File Bankruptcy Online in Indiana?

Filing Bankruptcy OnlineAt Bymaster Bankruptcy, our clients can file for bankruptcy online in Indiana. All they need is a computer or smartphone. Our office does recommend that you have access to a personal computer. It makes some processes less stressful, but it is not required.

The process of filing for bankruptcy online is simple. It only requires a few online meetings in our virtual bankruptcy office.  At our virtual bankruptcy office, you can talk to our attorney, John Bymaster, and his paralegals to get your case filed quickly and easily.

Attending the Indiana Bankruptcy Hearing Online

After your online bankruptcy case is filed in Indiana at Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices, our clients must attend a short hearing with a bankruptcy Trustee. This meeting can now be done online or through the phone. Since the bankruptcy hearing is done online, our clients can complete their bankruptcy virtually. There is no need to worry about this bankruptcy meeting. Our attorneys at Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices will represent you at this online bankruptcy hearing also.

What are the Benefits of Filing an Online Bankruptcy in Indiana?

There are many benefits to filing for bankruptcy online in Indiana with a bankruptcy attorney. One of the most significant benefits is that it can save time and money. Traditional bankruptcy can be very costly and time-consuming. Still, by filing for bankruptcy online in Indiana, you can complete the process quickly and without breaking the bank.  That is because our office also tries to stay on the most affordable end of the spectrum on fees.

What are the Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy Online with Full Legal Representation versus Filing Online as a Pro Se Bankruptcy Filer?

Filing Bankruptcy Online Court HearingFiling bankruptcy is a big decision. It will have a lasting impact on your credit and your finances. That’s why it’s essential to choose the proper method for filing. Filing bankruptcy online with full legal representation has many advantages over filing online as a Pro Se filer.  Filing Pro-Se can quickly become stressful, complex, and even dangerous.

First, when you file with an attorney, you can be sure that the bankruptcy petition is completed accurately. You can rest assured that Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices will file all of the required financial documents with the court. If your bankruptcy petition is filed inaccurately, your case could be dismissed or delayed.

Second, an attorney will also be able to advise you on which type of bankruptcy is right for your situation. A knowledgeable attorney will help determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Filing the best chapter for your situation can help you save money.

Another advantage of using an attorney is that they can help you better protect your assets.   Pro Se filing can be dangerous.  When you file Pro Se, you will not know all the exemptions available or other aspects of bankruptcy law. Not knowing the exemptions could result in losing property or assets. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will know how to protect your assets best.   Even in very basic cases, money can be lost, such as tax refunds, preference payments, or other entitlements.  Bankruptcy is complex.  You need help to ensure that you keep your property and assets.

Lastly, filing online with an attorney gives you peace of mind. The bankruptcy process is complex and stressful. Having an experienced professional by your side can make all the difference. You go through the process alone when you file as a Pro Se filer. Being a Pro Se filer can add unnecessary stress to an already difficult time.

Filing for bankruptcy online in Indiana with an Indiana bankruptcy attorney has many benefits. Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices offers free online bankruptcy consultation for Indiana residents. Book your free consultation with our office now.

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