Are you looking for a Frankfort, Indiana Bankruptcy Attorney? As a Bankruptcy Attorney near Frankfort, Indiana, John Bymaster, has served the people of Frankfort for many years.  Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices offers bankruptcy serves to all of Clinton County as one of the top choices for a Frankfort Bankruptcy Attorney in Indiana.  Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices has had hundreds of clients from the Frankfort, Indiana area. Frankfort Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster is very friendly and professional.

Our office is located south of Frankfort, off of I-65, and is very easy to find: that is part of why so many people searching for a bankruptcy attorney in Frankfort, Indiana have chosen our office through the years.   Also, we try to be a VERY affordable Frankfort Indiana Bankruptcy option.    Our bankruptcy clients from Frankfort have found that Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices is very affordable and easy to work with.  We are here to lend you a hand to help you find financial freedom.



Our office is super easy to find.  We are located just south of Frankfort off I-65.   To get to Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices, just take I-65 South to exit 130.  Turn right onto Whitestown Parkway and drive for just over a mile and our office is located on the left-hand side of the road.  It will look like you are driving into the country, but you will be going the right way.



The best way to start planning to file for your Frankfort, Indiana Bankruptcy is to go to a Bankruptcy Attorney, like Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices.   An attorney can help make the process easy and safe (so you don’t lose any assets).  Many bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations.  Here at Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices, our initial consultation is always free.  Go ahead and give our office a call and we will schedule a time for you to talk to Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster.

At the free consultation, you will be asked to complete some forms to help Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster better understand your financial situation.  Then, you will meet with John face-to-face so he can get to know you and really understand what you are going through.  Many of our clients from Frankfort, Indiana say that John is really easy to talk to and he understands their situation.  After talking to you about your financial situation, John will provide you with the best solutions to your situation.  The solutions could be filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or some other debt relief option like debt settlement.

If you choose to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, John and his staff will help you gather the documents you need in order to draft your Indiana Bankruptcy Petition.  Once your petition is drafted, you will review the petition and then sign it.  Once the petition is signed, your Frankfort Bankruptcy will be filed with the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Indianapolis located at 46 E. Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204.  This is the home of the Southern District Bankruptcy Court in Indiana.

Once your bankruptcy case is filed, you should expect to receive a Bankruptcy Notice in the mail in about 7-10 days.  This will tell you when your bankruptcy meeting with the Trustee will take place.  Many of our Frankfort, Indiana clients have some anxiety about this meeting, but there really is no reason to worry.  For Frankfort-Area clients, Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyer John Bymaster will meet you at the Federal Courthouse and he will be at your side the entire time.  Also, the meeting is usually fairly short because the Bankruptcy Court usually schedules 8 of these meetings per hour.

We know how to get you through the bankruptcy process.  We make bankruptcy affordable and easy for anyone seeking a Bankruptcy Lawyer that serves the Frankfort and Clinton County Area.


Our clients from Frankfort choose Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster because he is locally rooted here in central Indiana.  Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster is very easy to talk to and understands the financial problems of Frankfort residents.  Attorney Bymaster cares about each one of his clients.  He will listen to your situation and provide you with options to help.  Together, you can discuss the best option and come up with a plan to obtain financial freedom.  The Frankfort Bankruptcy Attorney choice,   John Bymaster, strives to keep fees on the more affordable end of the spectrum.  If you have questions about your situation, give our office a call today to set up a free initial consultation where you can get free legal advice.

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“We love to serve bankruptcy and debt relief clients from Frankfort, Indiana.   We have helped hundreds of Clinton County residents get out of debt over the years.  We look forward to meeting you.  We are happy to serve you as a very affordable and friendly Frankfort Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyer option!”

Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster on serving as a Frankfort Bankruptcy Lawyer Option

Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices knows Frankfort!  Give our office a call today to set up a free consultation with Frankfort’s Bankruptcy Attorney Choice,  John Bymaster.




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