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Bankruptcy can be a difficult topic to understand.  Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster knows the power of teaching about bankruptcy.  Learning about bankruptcy relief can change your life forever!  John Bymaster cares about people and that’s why he makes these resources easily available.  He has written multiple bankruptcy eBooks.  Check them out below.

Bankruptcy eBooks Available Here

The Indianapolis Bankruptcy Book


The Indianapolis Bankruptcy Book - Free instant download

The Indianapolis Bankruptcy Book is a free, powerful tool for learning how bankruptcy works in our local area.  This book is a perfect beginner’s guide to planning out a successful Indianapolis bankruptcy filing.  This free, downloadable eBook can help you achieve financial freedom if you live in the central Indiana area.

Use this simple book to learn about bankruptcy.  It will help you understand the right “Chapter” to file and how to get through the process.   It will also provide the resources and forms you need with links to the Bankruptcy Court.  It will explain the classes you must complete to finish your case.

It also covers important bankruptcy concepts that many people do not understand such as exemptions, reaffirmation agreements, and secured vs. unsecured debt.   Although your bankruptcy attorney will guide you through these concepts, you can read this book to have a thorough understanding of bankruptcy before you file your case.  This book can also be used to educate pro se filers who are learning about bankruptcy before they file their case on their own or hire an attorney.



Is Bankruptcy Biblically Moral?


Image of Indianapolis Attorney John Bymaster's Book - Is Bankruptcy Biblically Moral?

So many of our clients over the years have asked whether bankruptcy is moral?    The modern concept of bankruptcy is actually biblically moral.  It has been instituted by God to prevent suffering and slavery from entering our society.

Find out about the moral nature of bankruptcy by reading this book.  In addition, this book also delivers a greater understanding of the true sources of financial injustice that surround our modern debt-ridden society.   This book is a great resource for people struggling with the morality of bankruptcy.  It also can be used as a unique Bible-study resource on an interesting topic that is rarely covered in our modern times.

For more the official trailer and more information on the book, go here.

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