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Are you looking for a Greenfield bankruptcy lawyer?    Bymaster Bankruptcy is a very affordable Greenfield Indiana bankruptcy attorney option.   We can get your case filed quickly with discount rates and easy payment plans.

People from Greenfield frequently choose Bymaster Bankruptcy Law because we are affordable and experienced.  We have guided many people through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in Greenfield over the years.   John Bymaster does not want to be a “cheap” Greenfield bankruptcy attorney.   If we were a “cheap” Greenfield lawyer office option, that may be interpreted as a bad thing.   Instead, we want to stay a super affordable bankruptcy option without cutting down on the quality and experience we have to bring to Greenfield in any way.

Greenfield Bankruptcy Attorney OptionGreenfield Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Rates

Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Greenfield may vary in cost.  Most attorneys are charging $1200 to $2500 plus the court cost.   You do not have to file in Hancock County to have your bankruptcy completed.  Therefore, any bankruptcy attorney that serves the Greenfield Indiana area can help you with your case.   Bymaster Bankruptcy charges the following on our Greenfield Chapter 7 cases:

Greenfield Chapter 7:

$870-$1270 on most cases (Plus the court cost)

(Super easy payment plans, usually half must be paid to file)

Greenfield Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Rates

Greenfield residents also frequently file under Chapter 13.  Chapter 13 helps you reorganize your debts, putting them into a payment plan.   Greenfield people use Chapter 13 for various reasons, including house foreclosures and car repossessions.    Chapter 13’s are easy to get started because we only charge the $313 court cost before filing on most Greenfield cases.  The court instead pays any fees which they set for doing the case.   Also, anybody can file a Chapter 13 at any time pretty affordably, making them also a popular Greenfield option.

Greenfield Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Rates:

$0 down on most cases (Plus the court cost)

(That means on most cases you pay $313 to have it filed)

Virtual Greenfield Bankruptcy Lawyer Office

You can also come to our virtual Greenfield bankruptcy attorney office.    Over the years, more and more of our Greenfield clients have started using this virtual office.  You still get to meet us face to face, review all options, and get out of debt fast!

The virtual Greenfield bankruptcy office can do all of the same things our in-person office offers.   We can easily exchange information, sign papers, and exchange documents.   You will be able to take advantage of our high experience, our comfortable office, and our discount Greenfield rates right from your computer or smartphone.    Our Greenfield clients frequently come to our physical offices.  Still, if you own a computer or a smartphone, you are a great candidate for our Greenfield virtual bankruptcy office.

Greenfield Bankruptcy Statistics

Greenfield Indiana is some of the most populous parts of Hancock county with a population of over 20,000 people.   There are currently about 70 bankruptcy cases or less filed in Greenfield each year.  At the peak, there were about 130 bankruptcy cases being filed each year in Greenfield alone.

All Hancock County Indiana cases are filed in the Indiana Southern District for Bankruptcy, located in Indianapolis.   Greenfield bankruptcy meetings are conducted currently through the phone or Zoom.  They were traditionally conducted in the Federal Courthouse in downtown Indianapolis.    Below are some bankruptcy statistics for Greenfield and the greater Hancock county area:


Greenfield Bankruptcy Attorney Stats

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