How to File Bankruptcy in Greenwood, Indiana

Bankruptcy Petition - How to file your Greenwood Indiana Bankruptcy Do you live in Greenwood and you are interested in how to file bankruptcy?   Filing bankruptcy in Greenwood, Indiana can be an easy process.  Although you can do it on your own, but it is much easier to hire a Greenwood Bankruptcy Lawyer.  Your bankruptcy lawyer will guide you through the entire process.   Filing bankruptcy in Greenwood consists of three parts.   The three parts are (1) preparing your bankruptcy petition, (2) presenting your petition to the court, and (3) going to the bankruptcy meeting of creditors.

Preparing Your Bankruptcy Petition in Greenwood

Remember, the easiest way to file bankruptcy in Greenwood, Indiana is by contacting a Greenwood bankruptcy lawyer.  Never attempt bankruptcy on your own if at all possible.  You should always seek the guidance of an attorney.  The forms that you will have to file in Greenwood are required to be filled out very completely and specifically.  Your attorney will do most of that process for you through a serious of financial questions.

You can acquire the documents you need to file your own bankruptcy petition in the Greenwood area.  Greenwood residents must acquire these documents from the Indiana Southern District for Bankruptcy.    The primary form that will get you started is the Pro Se Debtor packet.

All information must be filled out completely and correctly.  You must disclose all of your assets, income and expenses, and all of your creditors.  It is worth the extra money to hire an attorney to make the process much easier.

Presenting your Petition to the Court

Remember, your Greenwood bankruptcy office will submit all documents to the court for you.  If you live in Greenwood, you must file your bankruptcy petition and accompanying documents in the Indiana Southern District Bankruptcy Court.  You will be required to submit your bankruptcy petition with all required schedules, a 6-month lookback of income called the CMI/Means Test, your last 60 days of paycheck stubs or income, and the Certificate proving you took the 1-hour online course.

If you live in Greenwood, you will also be required to submit the $335 Court cost fee for Chapter 7.  Sometimes you can get the $335 fee waived, but this can be a difficult process that is only reserved for people with income significantly below the poverty line.   All parties MUST pay the $335 court cost generally if they live in Greenwood.

If you have any questions, make sure to contact our office and we can help you file your Greenwood Indiana Bankruptcy.


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