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Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices – Main Office 4435 Whitestown Parkway, Lebanon, IN 46052


We are here to help with your Indianapolis Northwest Bankruptcy needs. Our headquarters is located on the Northwest Side of Indianapolis on a unique farm-resort-style setting.   Our main office has served Indiana for over 12 years, helping thousands of Hoosiers get out of debt.    Our main office will be a great experience- it is a truly all-Indiana location.

At the front of our office, two towering Indiana State trees,“the Indiana Tulip tree,” welcome you to the office.   The office also is adorned in the Summertime with a variety of flowers and plants, including an abundant amount of Indiana’s state flower, the Peony.   This location has been in John Bymaster’s family for over 75 years. It has been chosen as a comfortable and enjoyable setting for getting out of debt.


You Will Feel Very Comfortable at Our Main Office

John Bymaster wants to listen to your situation.  He is down-to-earth and always tries to keep the fees affordable.  This main office of ours is different than almost all other attorney offices in Indiana.  You will not need to get stressed out about parking.   You will not need to go into an elevator or into a busy building.   You will feel completely at ease as you go through various options of how you can get out of debt.   If fact, just think of visiting your neighbor, friend, or other even your family member.  That’s how it will feel when you come to our all-Indiana Northwest location.


Photo of entrance at Bymaster Bankruptcy Law OfficesOur setting is truly unique: no stress, no worries about parking!  We are located in a relaxing, traditional Indiana location set right in the Indiana countryside.  But, the ease of our location cannot be understated: we are located directly off of I-65 just on the Northwest side of I-465. We are also only 1/2 mile from State Road 267.


We want to serve as Indianapolis and Indiana’s “Capitol” for bankruptcy.   What do we mean by being Indiana’s bankruptcy Capitol?  We simply mean that 1) we want to help as many Hoosier as possible get out of debt and 2) we want to do bankruptcy the “Indiana” way.  We are unashamedly “Indiana” at Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Office.  From the corn that surrounds our office to the friendly Indiana hospitality, you will feel deeply that we embody traditional Indiana.  We are VERY locally rooted!  John Bymaster’s family has lived in that same central Indiana area around the office for over 100 years.  Come on out to our Indiana “family-farm retreat” that just so happens to be conveniently centrally located right off I-65!

Indiana's Bankruptcy "Capitol" Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices
BYMASTER BANKRUPTCY LAW OFFICES – The All-Indiana Bankruptcy Attorney Office

 “You will feel very comfortable and refreshed at our unique, “country” law office setting.  We know that people who are stressed out need a ‘haven of rest’ where stress is relieved instead of increased.  T0 relieve your stress and make you feel comfortable – these are our goals at Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices.  An experience you can enjoy instead of dread.”

– Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney John Bymaster on Bymaster Law’s relaxing location

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Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices – Main Office
4435 Whitestown Parkway
Lebanon, IN 46052

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