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Attorney John Bymaster’s Testimony


My Story – How God Came in my Life

I grew up in Church understanding and believing in the truths of the Bible. I believed in
Jesus at an early age – maybe 5 years old.
But, I tried to do things in my own strength for more than 25 years – I did whatever I
believed was “right.” Don’t get me the wrong. A lot of what I did were “good” things:
they were, however, being done in my own strength instead of being led by God.
My self-appointed direction and “righteousness” began to tear my life apart. My first
marriage ended in divorce: I was powerless to understand and address the spiritual
problems me or my ex-wife had faced. As my life hit more and more struggles, I
became angry and cruel at times to the people I loved the most. I had no time for most
people – and those I did have time for “put up with me” for the most part. I explored
what the world had to offer for me for a short time: the world ate me up and spit me back out.

I could not help myself any longer. When I was at my lowest state, I turned to God
differently this time. I prayed, “You have to help me. I cannot do any of it on my own.
Please send people to help me.” God answered quickly and my life has never been the
same ever since.

Back in 2012, God came immediately into my life with his Holy Spirit and his followers
to teach me. The Holy Spirit took the blinders off: the supernatural power of God was
revealed to me. The Bible was real – really real. God’s Kingdom is real. We really are
in a battle for souls-including our own. I received power to live and witness. I follow
Jesus now instead of my own plans. Jesus literally lives inside me now: he guides me,
teaches me, and talks to me. I do not have to do anything in my own power any more.

Praise God how he changed my life so quickly. I led my now wife, Natalie, to the Lord
in that time period after she resigned from a position at my office. We learned many
lessons from the Lord during that time period and since. We were married in December
of 2013. God wants us to live life to the fullest with the peace and comfort that he is
always in control!

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