Lawsuit Representation

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If you have already been sued in an Indiana Court for a debt that you would like to settle, then we offer lawsuit representation separate from our other services.  Such representation is usually similar to the “debt settlement” above except for any attorney you hire will cover all court requirements and communications necessary for making such a settlement possible.

If you do not have any form of Indiana lawsuit representation, your creditor may move quickly in seeking a judgment to garnish your paycheck or your bank accounts – or even put a “judicial lien” on your house.  If you desire to settle a debt instead of filing bankruptcy, lawsuit representation is essential step into seeing if such a settlement can be accomplished.

Lawsuit representation will likely push your creditor back into a mindset that the debt can be settled. Many times the creditor’s attorney will slow down. The creditor will explore a variety of options for settling the debt to see if they can get some form of payment instead of potentially getting nothing from you in bankruptcy. Remember, your creditor is more desperate than you may think: they do not know your entire financial situation. They will know that you are serious because you hired a lawyer and will look for a solution many times to the debt.

Mortgage Foreclosure Lawsuit? Get Representation Immediately!

Mortgage foreclosure situations are a perfect example of where lawsuit representation is needed. If you do not have lawsuit representation during your mortgage foreclosure, you will likely quickly receive a Foreclosure Judgment. This allows the bank to move quickly into seeking a Sheriff Sale date with the court. After the date of a sheriff sale, you will no longer likely be able to “save” your home either through negotiation or a bankruptcy filing. Get an attorney to represent you immediately if you face foreclosure.

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