Low Cost Bankruptcy:  What can be Found in Indiana and Indianapolis?

A low cost bankruptcy can be important to your fresh start.   Saving money with an Indianapolis low cost bankruptcy can jump start your new financial life.  With so many payments and obligations in life, a low cost bankruptcy can actually make your fresh start happen.  A difficult, high cost bankruptcy may set you back in years of waiting and discouragement.

Too Low of a Cost “Bankruptcy”: Am I Just Paying for a Petition Preparer?

In looking for a low cost bankruptcy, the first thing to understand is that only an attorney take you properly through the entire process of bankruptcy.  All other options are only different levels of “do-it-yourself” options.   You may find ads claiming “bankruptcy” for $44, $199, or $299 – these are usually “do-it-yourself” options.  These people are usually either only giving you the forms to file bankruptcy or at best helping you fill out the forms to some degree (bankruptcy petition preparers).   They also do not usually advertise that bankruptcy also requires an additional $310 or $335 court cost in order to file.  These “petition preparers” cannot give you legal advice and are not allowed to complete the entire bankruptcy process for you.

An attorney, however, can walk you through the entire process of bankruptcy.   Your attorney will guide you through the planning, preparation, and completion of your bankruptcy.  You will only be required to follow simple instructions and assemble some documents: the attorney will take care of the rest of the entire, complex process for you.   A good bankruptcy attorney will make it an easy and safe process.

The Cost “Ranges” for Low Cost Bankruptcy in Indianapolis

After you understand that an attorney guides you through the bankruptcy process, the next questions becomes, “How much does it Cost?”  In finding a low cost bankruptcy attorney in Indianapolis, it is important to first look at the range in which bankruptcy attorney services are usually offered:

The “Middle Range” of Bankruptcy Cost in the Indianapolis Area

The approximate average price of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Indianapolis area is about $1200-$1400 (not including the $335 court cost).  This is the “mid-range” for a normal bankruptcy case.   This is a normal, middle-range fee – many very good, reliable bankruptcy attorneys charge in this range (probably the majority).

The “Higher Range” of Bankruptcy Cost in the Indianapolis Area.

The “higher end” of the spectrum on Chapter 7 bankruptcy is when bankruptcy attorneys charge more in the $1700-$3000 range.   Although fees in this range are usually considered “fair” and appropriate as deemed by the governing body on such matters (the United States Trustee Program), it may be possible that you could find a more affordable option for your bankruptcy in such cases.  Do keep in mind, however, that the complexity of a case can affect the type and price of the bankruptcy representation you may need.

The “Lower Range” of Bankruptcy Cost in the Indianapolis Area

The most affordable end of the spectrum for Indianapolis Bankruptcy is usually when the attorneys charge $1000 or less for the attorney fees.   A low cost bankruptcy in Indianapolis may cost between $500-$1000 for the attorney fees, not including the $335 court cost.   Most of these attorneys charge $800-$1000 – less than this price is not very common and could only be available for limited situations.   If you have encountered a good bankruptcy attorney office that is charging in this range, you have probably found the best possible “low cost bankruptcy” range.

Low Cost Bankruptcy in Indianapolis and Indiana
Remember, Cost is Important, but it is Not Everything When You are Searching for a Bankruptcy Attorney

Remember That Cost Is Not Everything

The cost of bankruptcy is only ONE aspect to consider when searching for an attorney.  A good bankruptcy law office will be friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and supportive.    If you do not feel good about a situation, then you may have a much better experience with another office.    Remember, finding the lowest cost bankruptcy provider in Indiana probably should not be your goal: find a good overall office that give you an affordable, fair price – one that you can trust that makes you feel comfortable.

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