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Are you looking for an affordable bankruptcy attorney in the Muncie area?   John Bymaster proudly serves as a Muncie bankruptcy attorney.   We offer affordable rates on the lower end of the spectrum.   We never strive to be a “cheap” Muncie bankruptcy option.  Instead, we focus on offering the highest level of service while still being quite on the most affordable end of the spectrum.

Most people are not looking for a “cheap” Muncie bankruptcy lawyer.  They still want high-quality service with the experience to back it up.  Bymaster Bankruptcy always offers very affordable rates to the Muncie area.  But, you still get to rely on the fact that we have helped thousands of Hoosiers like you get out of debt through the years.  We have no reason to hide what we charge. Our Muncie affordable bankruptcy rates are as follows:

Muncie Bankruptcy AttorneyChapter 7 Muncie cases:

$870-$1270 plus the court cost (some more complicated cases can be higher)

(We have easy payment plans, ½ of attorney fees are required to be paid usually to file the case).

Chapter 13 Muncie cases:

$0 down on most cases.  You Need to Pay the $313 court cost to get the case filed.

We also offer discounts and easy payment plans.  One of our paralegals is a Ball State graduate. We look forward to helping you!

Muncie Indiana Bankruptcy Office Can Go Virtual

We also offer full virtual Muncie bankruptcy options.  You can feel like you are coming to our main office with our virtual Muncie bankruptcy office.  You will get to meet our staff, conduct all business face-to-face, and still take advantage of our expertise and discounted rates.  Even when you are close, it is much easier for many of our clients to look into options through our virtual office.  That is why our Muncie Indiana bankruptcy clients frequently choose the virtual Muncie bankruptcy office option for either part or all of our meetings.

If you live in Muncie, call our office to take advantage of our easy payment setup also for Muncie Chapter 7 cases.   We also offer $0 attorney fees down to file on most Chapter 13 Muncie cases.

Muncie Bankruptcy Statistics – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Muncie Indiana BankruptcyMuncie has been known to file over 110 bankruptcy cases per year.  Recently these numbers have been less, however, for Delaware County, Indiana.  Muncie residents usually file under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Almost 80 out of the 110 normal cases were filed under Chapter 7.  The rest of the cases were filed under Chapter 13.  A handful of Muncie bankruptcy cases each year are also filed under Chapter 11 or Chapter 12 of the bankruptcy code.

All Muncie bankruptcy cases are filed in the Southern District Indiana Bankruptcy Court:

The following Chart reveals the recent filings that were filed in Delaware county, great Muncie area:

Muncie Indiana Bankruptcy Filings

Muncie Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Lawyers

Your Muncie bankruptcy lawyer can talk with you about Chapter 7.  Chapter 7 is a full debt release.   It usually forgives all of your debts to give you a total fresh start.  Our office files Chapter 7 on most of our Muncie cases.   It is a powerful and affordable way to get a fresh start.   At our office, we have more affordable rates than many others in the Muncie area.   You can usually pay for half of the attorney fees to get your case filed.    You can also use easy payment plans.

Muncie bankruptcy attorneys like our office will also offer Chapter 13.   Chapter 13 offers Muncie residents a way to restructure their debts in a more affordable payment plan.   We also frequently file Chapter 13 in our Muncie cases.    Many times, these Muncie bankruptcy cases are to save a house from foreclosure or a car from being repossessed.   Chapter 13 is very powerful and can be set up quickly to protect you.   These types of Muncie bankruptcy cases are usually filed with no money down, which means you only need to come up with the $313 court cost.

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