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Are you looking for an affordable Richmond Indiana Bankruptcy attorney?  Attorney John Bymaster is an experienced and affordable bankruptcy attorney.  He has helped countless people file for bankruptcy in Richmond over the years.

Bymaster Bankruptcy does not want to serve as a “cheap” Richmond Indiana bankruptcy attorney.    The word “cheap” bankruptcy would imply that we would be okay with a low-quality experience or lack of service.   Instead, we prefer the words “very affordable” Richmond bankruptcy attorney.   We have served Richmond, offering affordable rates for over 13 years.   We have helped thousands of Indiana residents get out of debt over the years.   Our affordable Richmond bankruptcy rates are as follows:

Richmond Bankruptcy AttorneyRichmond Indiana Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

$870-$1170 plus the court cost on most cases.

(Easy payment plan.  At least one-half of attorney fees are paid before the case is filed).

Richmond Indiana Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

$0 Down on most cases for the case to be filed.

(Requires $313 court cost to be paid).

Virtual Richmond Indiana Bankruptcy Office

Our virtual Richmond Indiana bankruptcy office can make your case very easy to get completed.   You can visit our in-person office or just visit our Richmond virtual bankruptcy office.   From our virtual office, you can meet our staff face to face.  You can interact with us easily, sending documents and completing your case very easily.

Our virtual Richmond bankruptcy office can be accessed through a Smartphone.  Owning a computer is also an advantage with the virtual office but is not required.  We can get your case going very easily by you visiting our virtual Richmond office.

Richmond Indiana Bankruptcy Facts

In Richmond, bankruptcy is a common occurrence with approximately 1 in every 656 people filing for bankruptcy every year.   There are also currently about 175 bankruptcy cases filed in Richmond, Indiana every year.   Chapter 7 is the most common Richmond, Indiana bankruptcy case.  About 84% of all bankruptcy cases are filed under Chapter 7 in Richmond.   The rest of the remaining approximate 16% of cases are filed mostly under Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code.

Richmond bankruptcy cases are handled exclusively through the Indiana Southern District for Bankruptcy.   Although the primary headquarters for the Indiana Southern District is Indianapolis, Richmond has traditionally been allotted trustees who conduct their bankruptcy meetings in Richmond.  Currently, bankruptcy meetings for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Richmond cases are conducted over the phone or via Zoom.

Below is a Table of Recent Bankruptcy Filings for Richmond and Wayne County.

Richmond Bankruptcy Filings

 Richmond Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is the most frequently filed type of bankruptcy in Richmond.  Most people in the state of Indiana file under Chapter 7.   It is a fresh start and a full debt release.  All of your debts are forgiven in Chapter 7 (except for some exceptions like student loans and recent tax debt).

Chapter 7 can be filed by most people in Richmond.  The only restriction that some Richmond residents may face is if they have too many assets or too much income.   However, the bankruptcy court usually allows most Richmond residents into Chapter 7 quite easily.

Richmond Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is also commonly filed in Richmond, Indiana.   Chapter 13 is a powerful reorganization of your debts.   It offers you an affordable payment plan where you can pay your debts back over 3-5 years.   Richmond residents also use Chapter 13 to stop foreclosure and repossession of cars.   Chapter 13 can always be filed in Richmond regardless of assets, income, or if you had already filed for bankruptcy recently in the past.

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