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John Bymaster is a very affordable Seymour bankruptcy attorney option.   Bymaster Bankruptcy offers Seymour Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 “fast file options.”   You can get your case filed very quickly and affordably.

Seymour Chapter 7 cases start at $870 plus the court cost.  You have to pay ½ of the fees before we file, but all can be paid in a payment plan.   You can also fast-file a Chapter 13 case for $0 down (we just need the $313 court cost on most cases).

Virtual Seymour Bankruptcy Attorney Office

Seymour Bankruptcy Attorney - Virtual Office

We also offer a full virtual Seymour bankruptcy office and discount rates.  You need a smartphone or a computer to be eligible for our Seymour Indiana virtual bankruptcy office.  It’s just as easy (or easier) than coming to our main office.   You still get to do everything face to face, sign documents, and exchange papers with ease.

Our virtual Seymour office can make bankruptcy in the Seymour area more accessible and affordable.   You are free to use our virtual office or come to our main office at any time.  Our main office is right off I-65, though quite a bit north of Seymour.   It is a straight shot off I-65 because our office is 1 mile right off of I-65.   Your bankruptcy meeting can also be done over the phone or Zoom right now instead of having to drive into New Albany or out of Jackson County.   The entire experience can be an easy and powerful way to get out of debt and back on your feet again!

“Cheap” or Affordable – Bankruptcy Seymour Indiana

Seymour Indiana Bankruptcy AttorneyBymaster Bankruptcy never strives to be “cheap” bankruptcy option for Seymour, Indiana.  The word “cheap” bankruptcy makes you think of cutting out things like quality, experience, or even friendliness.  We instead try to be a very affordable Seymour Bankruptcy office without cutting any part of the experience.  You find us the highest quality of office with as affordable rates for Seymour as possible:

Seymour Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case:

$870-$1170 or less on most cases (plus the court cost)

(Easy payment plans, 1/2 must be paid before we file on most cases)

Seymour Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases:

$0 down usually on most cases before filed

(You have to pay the $313 court cost to file on most cases)

We try to stay affordable for all Seymour cases.   Jackson County Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, Chapter 13 fees are usually court set and just paid by the bankruptcy trustee during your repayment plan.

Seymour Bankruptcy Statistics:

Seymour currently has about 20,000 residents.   There are currently about 60 bankruptcy cases filed in Seymour and more in the full Jackson County Indiana area.    Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy filed in Seymour, consisting of almost 83% of all cases.   Chapter 13 is also very commonly filed in Seymour because it has very useful payment-plan functions.   Seymour has reached a lot higher bankruptcy rating in the past, reaching levels of over 100 cases per year.

All Seymour bankruptcy cases must be filed in the Indiana Southern District for Indiana, New Albany Division.   However, as of now, you do not need to drive to New Albany or out of town for the bankruptcy meeting.  Currently, all Seymour bankruptcy cases are done through either the phone or Zoom.   Even the New Albany bankruptcy court is switching over to “virtual” bankruptcy more with the advent of 2020 new remote business changes.   Below are some Seymour bankruptcy statistics based on Jackson County:

Seymour Bankruptcy Filings

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