Bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment more powerfully than any other option. Built into bankruptcy is an “automatic stay” protection. This means that ALL creditor harassment must stop immediately when your bankruptcy case is filed.

For more information on automatic stay and bankruptcy, go here.

Even before you file bankruptcy, you may have a new share of protection against creditor harassment. After you retain your bankruptcy attorney, immediately tell your creditors that you plan to file bankruptcy. Give your creditors your attorney’s new contact information. Instruct them to only contact your newly hired attorney. This will usually stop the collection calls right away even before you file your bankruptcy case.

Are you aware that you can sue your creditors if they keep up the harassment? Particularly aggressive creditor harassment can be stopped after the bankruptcy is filed by bringing a lawsuit against them in Federal Bankruptcy Court. You could even collect damages against particularly aggressive creditors. This is because it is completely illegal for creditor harassment to continue after your bankruptcy case is filed. If a creditor is knowingly contacting you after your bankruptcy case is filed, you can seek compensation for such a violation. If the bankruptcy violations are severe, you could even receive a cash settlement in your case.

Collection calls are allowed to continue until your bankruptcy case is filed. Many of the creditors, however, will stop calling if you instruct them to only contact us, your bankruptcy attorney office. However, creditors are actually prohibited from contacting you in certain ways even before you file your bankruptcy case. These prohibited actions are covered in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

For instance, did you know that creditors are not allowed to contact you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m? Did you also know that creditors are not allowed to contact you at work? You simply need to tell them that you are not allowed to receive collection calls at work, Afterwards, just instruct the creditor to no longer contact you at work. Also, the FDCPA generally works as a shield before you file your bankruptcy case. After you retain us as your bankruptcy attorney, tell the creditors to contact us instead of you directly.

Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices has put an end to creditor harassment for thousands of people in the central Indiana area. If you are constantly receiving collection calls, we can help you. We can stop creditor harassment quicker and more affordably than likely any other available option. Do not submit to creditor harassment! Instead, contact us. We want to hear your story and put a stop to your creditor calls right away.

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