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Westfield Bankruptcy Attorney - IndianaJohn Bymaster is an affordable and experienced Westfield bankruptcy attorney.   Attorney Bymaster has served Westfield for almost 15 years.  His office, Bymaster Bankruptcy Law Offices, has helped thousands of central Indiana people get out of debt.

Bymaster Bankruptcy does not strive to be a “cheap” Westfield bankruptcy attorney office.   A “cheap” Westfield bankruptcy office would imply poor quality or possibly something else cut out.   Bymaster Bankruptcy instead wants to be a very affordable Westfield bankruptcy attorney option while not sacrificing experience or quality.   We want to be the most affordable bankruptcy option that Westfield with close, easy access to get your case done quickly.

Westfield Indiana Bankruptcy Costs

Westfield bankruptcy attorneys usually charge from $1400-$2500 in current times for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.   Chapter 13 in Westfield may range greatly on starting costs. Westfield attorneys frequently charge significant money down on many Chapter 13 cases.  Bymaster Bankruptcy offers much more affordable rates still at a high quality and experience level.

Westfield Chapter 7 Attorney Representation:

We charge $870-$1170 or less on most Westfield cases (plus $338 court costs)

(You must usually pay 1/2 to before the case is filed).

Westfield Chapter 13 Attorney Representation:

We charge $0 down to file most Chapter 13 cases (plus $313 court costs)

We can get your Westfield bankruptcy filed easily and quickly!

Westfield Bankruptcy Attorney Office- Virtual and In-Person

Bymaster Bankruptcy has a full virtual Westfield bankruptcy law office.  You can do your free consultation and any other part of your bankruptcy right through our virtual office.  You only need a computer and a smartphone to be fully qualified for our Westfield virtual office.   You will still get to see us face to face, sign papers, and exchange documents with ease through our virtual Westfield bankruptcy option.

Our physical main office is located on the Northside of Indianapolis.  You can take 31 over to 465 and our office is only 10-15 minutes.   Westfield bankruptcy clients enjoy our in-person office all the time. It is a relaxing, enjoyable setting.  We find our Westfield bankruptcy clients using any combination of our main office or virtual office.  Your experience will be easy and as fast as possible.

Westfield Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

The majority of Westfield residents file under Chapter 7 after they meet with their bankruptcy attorney.   Chapter 7 clears out all of your debt, giving you some room to breathe again.  It is frequently used as a total debt release and to help rebuild credit.    Most Westfield residents are experiencing overwhelming debt or collection.   Your bankruptcy attorney may recommend filing under Chapter 7 to help you get a fresh start.

All Westfield Chapter 7 cases are filed through the Indiana Southern District for Bankruptcy.  The headquarters for Westfield’s bankruptcy cases is located in the Birch Bayh Federal Building (courthouse) in downtown Indianapolis.  Right now, however, bankruptcy meetings are being conducted right over the phone.   This helps Westfield residents avoid driving downtown to get their bankruptcy finalized.

Westfield Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 is also very frequently recommended by Westfield bankruptcy attorneys.  Chapter 13 can stop foreclosure.  It can also sometimes lower payments or stop repossession.  Chapter 13 creates a fully-protected repayment plan to get your debts back in order.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is frequently filed in Westfield also due to high income or high asset levels.   Your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney may recommend Chapter 13 to give you an advantage that may not be present in Chapter 7.   Chapter 13 can also be started very affordably (usually just for the $313).   Also, almost anybody can file Chapter 13 at any time.

If you are looking for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, call us for a free consultation.  Or, you can book your consultation online.  We look forward to helping you soon!

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